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Waymo, Google’s self-driving car division

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Last year, Uber bought a self-driving car company named Otto, founded by a former Google Waymo engineer.
Waymo, Google’s self-driving car division, has announced it believes Uber stole some 10GB of trade secrets on its self-driving car program, and that it is taking action against Otto (the unit developing self-driving vehicles for Uber) and Uber itself (the parent company).
Its self-driving car technology is an obvious attempt to put its current drivers out of a job in the long term.
The optics there were terrible as well; one of Uber’s self-driving vehicles ran a red light almost immediately (though it may have been driver error) and some 20-plus other self-driving car companies had already paid their $150 fees to test self-driving vehicles.
Self-driving car technology is emerging as a powerful next-generation platform.

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Google sues Uber over ‘stolen’ driverless car technology

The search giant, which has been working on driverless vehicles since 2009, has filed a lawsuit claiming Uber stole trade secrets and is using them in its autonomous cars.
“We’re taking legal action against Otto and its parent company Uber for misappropriating Waymo trade secrets and infringing our patents,” said Waymo, the driverless car division of Google’s parent Alphabet.
Google is suing Uber for allegedly stealing the technology behind its self-driving cars.
If the Google lawsuit is successful, Uber could be blocked from using the technology powering its self-driving cars, which are currently being trialled in Arizona.
“However, given the overwhelming facts that our technology has been stolen, we have no choice but to defend our investment and development of this unique technology.”
Google sues Uber over 'stolen' driverless car technology

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Uber is reeling from allegations of sexual harassment and stolen technology

Uber is in danger of losing customers if the lawsuit slows its ability to deploy self-driving car technology.
Lidar is a powerful sensor that has emerged as a key component in self-driving car technology.
The big danger for Uber is that the lawsuit could hamper its efforts to develop its own self-driving car technology.
It’s that — if Waymo is right that Uber used copied technology — Uber’s development project could be set back by months.
Uber is hoping that being a leader in self-driving technology will help it to finally reach profitability.

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