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Remix OS must work on the more constrained space

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as declared in When you connect it to an external monitor, however, it switches to the normal Remix OS desktop interface.
This time, Remix OS has to work on the more constrained space of a phone and as a regular Android phone interface.
Remix Singularity is Jide’s Android answer to Windows ContinuumOur smartphones have become so powerful and their apps so sophisticated that they could even be used to power basic desktop computing activities.
Remix OS for Mobile is still in the early stages of development, so details are intentionally scarce.
Remix Singularity, however, promises to be different, giving users the exact same apps and familiar Android experience, just in different forms depending on what the phone is attached to.

Jide’s Remix Singularity OS will turn your Android phone into a PC

The Remix Singularity ROM will be free to download, according to what Jide’s co-founder David Ko told The Verge in an interview today.
In concept, Remix Singularity is similar to what Microsoft created with its Continuum mode in Windows 10 Mobile.
If you have a large TV, hooking your phone up to it will turn it into something like an Android TV device.
When a phone with Remix Singularity is hooked up to a bigger screen, the OS will have features familiar to PC OS owners, such as file windows, a start menu, and a task bar.
Remix Singularity will work like a stock version of Android when used on a smartphone, but if you connect it to a PC monitor or big-screen TV, it will turn into a version of the PC-based Remix OS.

Jide’s Remix Singularity OS will turn your Android phone into a PC

Remix Singularity will let you use Android phones as desktop PCs (work in progress)

according to Remix OS is a custom version of Android designed to work more like a desktop operating system.
Google might just buy Jide and merge Remix OS with Android (or another company working on desktop-style Android software, such as Phoenix OS).
Jide is bringing Remix OS to smartphones, along with a new feature called Singularity that lets you use your Android phone as a desktop.
It comes pre-loaded on a handful of tablets, notebooks, and desktop-style devices, and you can install Remix OS for PC on many recent computers.
Remix OS for Mobile will look and work a lot like stock Android.



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