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Pokemon Go Gen 2 Update

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Pokemon Go Gen 2 Update: New Region-Locked Pokemon Found Since Pokemon Go launched summer of last year, there is a total of four regional exclusive Pokemon introduced by Niantic.
Before the update, players expect a new set of region-locked Pokemon arriving in Pokemon Go anytime soon.
According to the report from Otakukart, there are lots of rumors surfacing online regarding the gen 2 region-locked Pokemon.
The same situation applies to other region-locked Pokemon as well.
The new region-locked Pokemon are identified as Heracross and Corsola.

6 Pokemon In Gen 2 Add To List Of Elusive Characters In ‘Pokemon GO’

referring to Focus Of 1st TrailerOne of the Legendary Pokemon, Mewtwo, was the focus of one of “Pokemon GO’s” first trailers.
Meanwhile, BGR has its own list of six rare and Legendary Pokemon no one had been found in “Pokemon GO.” It particularly cited Delibird and Smeargie.
It has been six months since Niantic launched “Pokemon GO,” but until now some characters remain elusive to gamers.
Baby Pokemon Dropped On Dec. 12Although Niantic had launched the “Pokemon GO” Gen 2 update, Birmingham Mail points out that only Baby Pokemon, which dropped on Dec. 12, has appeared.
It adds that Gen 2 eggs collected from Dec. 12 are not hatching.

6 Pokemon In Gen 2 Add To List Of Elusive Characters In ‘Pokemon GO’



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