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Samsung announce the Galaxy Tab S3 at Mobile World Congress

as declared in Thanks to a system dump from the upcoming Galaxy Tab S3, we have additional confirmation of the GS8’s design and our first look at the on-screen buttons.
Instead, on-screen buttons.
Samsung will likely announce the Galaxy Tab S3 at Mobile World Congress in a few days.
Why would the Tab S3 have anything to do with the Galaxy S8?
The Galaxy S8 reveal will probably be later at a dedicated event.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone Launch Date Leaks

Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone Launch Date Leaks

SeongJoon Cho—Bloomberg via Getty ImagesSamsung’s upcoming high-end handset, the Galaxy S8, might be hitting store shelves in a couple of months.
The report follows earlier rumors, saying Samsung is planning to unveil its Galaxy S8 on March 29 in New York City.
Get Data Sheet , Fortune ’s technology newsletterOn the power front, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 could shine , thanks to the Qualcomm ( qcom ) Snapdragon 835 processor.
For more about Samsung, watch:The ET News report didn’t say how much Samsung might charge for the Galaxy S8 when it reaches store shelves in April.
Most rumors agree that the Galaxy S8 will come with two screen sizes measuring 5.7 and 6.2 inches.

as declared in

Samsung Galaxy S8 specs revealed

If you were excited by yesterday’s Galaxy S8 Plus leak , you’ll be happy to learn the Galaxy S8 will come equipped with virtually identical specs, right on down to the camera, RAM, and storage.

But, whereas Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus has a more advanced camera compared to the iPhone 7, the information we received suggests the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus will have identical 12-megapixel dual pixel cameras.
According to the most recent report, Samsung is expected to unveil its Galaxy S8 series on March 29, followed by a worldwide release on April 21.
Compared to the Galaxy S8 Plus’s spec sheet that leaked yesterday, it appears the two devices are a near match.
Before then, let’s take a look at the Galaxy S8’s specs, which TechnoBuffalo has exclusively obtained from a trusted source.
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