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Criteria’s To Enable The “Ad Break” Feature

As it stated in Criteria’s To Enable The “Ad Break” Feature For enabling the Ad Breaks in live ongoing videos, one has to meet certain criteria as mentioned by Facebook.
AdvertisementFacebook is constantly evolving and adding new features like the Facebook Live, video profiles as well as Snapchat have already been introduced.
A report had stated in August 2016 that the company would start testing ads in live videos soon and it seems that it has finally got around to it.
Besides, one can enable their first Ad Break only if they had been live for a minimum of 4 minutes.
For an additional Ad Break, there has to be a minimum gap of 5 minutes between each advert.

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Facebook is Bringing Ad Breaks to More Live and On-Demand Videos

Facebook is Bringing Ad Breaks to More Live and On-Demand Videos

Get ready to see ad breaks in more Facebook videos on your News Feed.
It is also using ad breaks as an incentive to get more Live Video publishers streaming on its platform.
Facebook wants longer videos with engaging contentThe company is also targeting Live Video creators as part of its new round of beta testing for its ad breaks feature.
Beyond live-streams, Facebook is allowing a handful of publishers to insert ad breaks into prerecorded clips.
For now, ad breaks are only available to creators and publishers in the United States.

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Facebook Live video creators can now make money by inserting short commercial breaks into their offerings.
(CCM) — Facebook Live video viewers may find their entertainment is increasingly being interrupted by commercial breaks from today, the social networking company has revealed.
The first ad break can be taken after a minimum of four minutes of live video, and additional ad breaks after a minimum of a further five minutes.
Video creators can take an ad break during any live video when they reach 300 or more concurrent viewers by tapping on a $ icon that appears in the Live composer window.
Each ad break can last up to 20 seconds, and video creator will earn a share of the resulting ad revenues.

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