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The Overwatch League start in Q3 2017

referring to The Overwatch League, a competitive, Blizzard-run eSports league for Overwatch, was first unveiled during BlizzCon last year.
Plans for the Overwatch League are moving ahead, and the initial team building process will start later this year.
During the interview, Nanzer also confirmed a plan to make full-time professional Overwatch players a thing, promising regular salaries through sharing profits.
Nanzer confirmed that this year’s season will start in Q3, but it won’t be until 2018 that we’ll start getting regular seasons.
During the initial run, the company will be busy building teams and acquiring players, so the league will start small.

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Overwatch League Details, StarLadder Results

Overwatch League Details, StarLadder Results
Overwatch League Details, StarLadder Results

Also, Team Liquid defeated Tempo Storm 6-3 in a much needed win for Liquid.
The Overwatch League just had some announcements from Nate Nanzer, Overwatch Esports Director, at a conference in Korea.
19 Team Liquid defeated compLexity 2-0 as well.
In Group B, Team Liquid narrowly defeated Team VG.J 2-1 including a very weird 78 minute long game one that both Liquid and VG.J tried to throw.
2 SK Gaming defeated a surprisingly strong Rush team 2-0, Misfits eliminated Selfless 2-0, and No.

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The Overwatch League is coming in Q3 this year
The Overwatch League is coming in Q3 this year

Overwatch’s esports global director Nate Nanzer recently gave a Q&A in Korea about the esports scene around the game, and the Overwatch League, and thanks to Reddit user bartlet4us, we have an idea of what he said in regards to the Overwatch League.
Do you think the Overwatch League can be successful in its first year?
He also revealed that relegations won’t be a thing in the league, so teams can compete with stability in mind.
The biggest announcement, though, was that the season will start in Q3 this year, and the league will be in a compact form during this time due to a mass acquisition of players and forming new teams.
For the beginning, it’ll be held in major stadiums, but later on Nanzer said we could see it take place in home seasons.

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