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Huawei : 360-degree VR camera for mobiles (updated)

as mentioned in As of right now, it has no plans for an international release for the 360-degree VR camera.
This might be Huawei’s first 360-degree camera, but it’s definitely not Insta360’s first.
Update: An Honor spokesperson confirmed to Engadget that the 360 camera will only be available in China.
The company says it’s using the device to “explore” other product categories and get feedback from users.
It has other phone clip-ons that plug into a phone’s micro-USB port on the market for both iOS and Android devices.

Insta360 and Huawei partner to release the Honor VR 360-degree Camera

Insta360 and Huawei partner to release the Honor VR 360-degree Camera

As it stated in Officially named as the Honor VR Camera, this accessory is perfect for Huawei’s Honor phones.
The Honor VR Camera aims to bring the VR technology and industry to a higher level.
It will be an improved version of the clip-on 360-degree camera that can be attached to any smartphone.
This Huawei-Insta360 camera will allow more people to capture moments in 3D, create more content, and livestream 360-degree videos.
It comes with an app developed by Insta360 so users can easily record, save, share, and livestream 360-degree videos.

As it stated in Huawei has announced the Honor VR Camera, a 360-degree clip-on camera for smartphones.
Developed in partnership with Insta360, the Honor VR Camera supports “3K photography” and live-streaming.
Details are still light on the pricing or release date of the Honor VR Camera, although Huawei did say that it will release the clip-on accessory internationally.
It’s also unclear what resolution the camera can shoot in, and if it will work with other smartphones.
You’ll also be able to save and share your 360-degree videos through an app developed by Insta360.

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