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Facebook in fake news reports about terrorist attacks the social network.

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as mentioned in Modamani had sought an injunction to keep Facebook users from posting any version of the selfie in fake news stories.
“We appreciate that this is a very difficult situation for Mr Modamani,” a Facebook spokesperson said in response to the ruling.
Sean Gallup, Getty ImagesA Syrian refugee whose selfie with German Chancellor Angela Merkel was spread on Facebook in fake news reports about terrorist attacks has lost his case against the social network.
Tech giants like Facebook and Google have struggled to stop fake news from appearing on their sites.
“That is why we quickly disabled access to content that has been accurately reported to us by Mr. Modamani’s legal representatives, and will continue to respond quickly to valid reports of the content at issue from Mr. Modamani’s legal representatives.”

As it stated in (Reuters)Facebook clinched victory today in a German court case brought by a Syrian refugee whose selfie with Chancellor Angela Merkel had made him the target of racist trolls.
When Merkel visited his Berlin refugee shelter in September that year, he took two selfie images with her in jubilant scenes also captured by news photographers.
Users have cut and pasted Modamani’s picture into “wanted” posters and on fake news reports, typically alleging that the refugee made famous by the Merkel selfie had later turned out to be a terrorist.
Jun last year launched legal action against Facebook in a Munich court, accusing its executives of condoning incitement of hate and violence.
Modamani and his lawyer Chan-jo Jun had demanded that Facebook actively search out and take down all slanderous posts using the famous selfie images — not just those they had flagged to the company.


German court rules against Syrian refugee in Facebook case

As it stated in In January, Modamani’s lawyer filed a preliminary injunction against Facebook Europe, “seeking to prevent Facebook from publishing the slanderous image of the Syrian refugee Anas Modamani in the context of terrorist attacks”.
A Syrian refugee who took a selfie with Angela Merkel has failed in his attempt to sue Facebook over a series of posts falsely linking him to terrorist attacks.
Earlier this year Modamani told Der Spiegel: “I love Facebook, because I have found a home over the network.
After Tuesday’s ruling, a spokesperson for Facebook told The Guardian: “We appreciate that this is a very difficult situation for Mr Modamani.
But I also hate Facebook because this Photoshop business won’t stop.”

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