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The update from Google breaking the root apps was on the server side

as mentioned in The update from Google breaking the root apps was on the server side so even downgrading the Google Play Services app did not have any effect.
Luckily there is a workaround to get these apps working again, but the feature could lead to your device being compromised as it involves turning off the Google “Verify Apps” security feature.
Unfortunately the latest Google Play Services update stopped both of these from working.
If you turn this off pay attention to the forums to see when this is fixed by the apps so that you can turn the Verify Apps feature back on.
The latest Google Play Services update brought extra security to the app verifying check feature and as such any app that messed with an app already installed, or installed apps automatically NOT from the Play Store ceased to function.

Instagram phishing apps pulled from Google Play • The Register

referring to The malicious apps, which pose as tools for either managing or boosting Instagram follower numbers, are actually designed to phish for Instagram credentials.
For example, crooks have put together a smut-themed scam campaign targeting Instagram users last August.
While the apps appear to have originated in Turkey, some used English localisation to target Instagram users worldwide.
Security researchers have discovered 13 new Instagram credential-stealing apps on Google Play.
Although phishing and malware threats targeting either Facebook or Twitter users are more common, Instagram fans are by no means strangers to threats.



referring to Now, apps that are on sale will show a crossed-out “list price” above a purchase button that features the sale price.
Other content in the Play Store, like TV shows, have already been able to indicate sale prices.
Finally, sales only affect the app’s purchase price — they aren’t able to be offered on subscriptions or in-app purchases.
Google has put a number of restrictions on how developers can offer sales, seemingly to prevent apps from permanently being offered at a discount to trick potential buyers.
But developers have had to manually change the price of their app if they wanted to offer a discount.

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