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Facebook Twitter Google Plus Embed Food Delivery via Robot

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“This is going to be an on-demand robotic delivery service for every neighborhood nation-wide,” said Hoffman.
“Our robot delivers take-away food, groceries, and parcels within a two-mile radius,” said Henry Harris-Burland, head of marketing communications for Starship Technologies.
On Thursday, Starship Technologies went to Washington, D.C., for the latest launch of its robot delivery service, where automatons pick up orders from restaurants and deliver them to hungry customers.
And as for the concern that this technology could steal jobs, DoorDash, a restaurant delivery service that has started using the robots, said the goal is to have them complement its workforce.

according to Related Food Delivery Robots Officially Roll Out In DC TodayThe robots are equipped with sensors, GPS, and 9 cameras.
On Thursday, as Postmates launched its first fleet of sidewalk-based delivery robots, Starship Technologies demonstrated the robots at a press conference and ribbon-cutting ceremony.
As soon as the food to be delivered goes into the robot’s cooler-style storage, the lid will lock, and no one but the customer will be able to open it.
“Were that to happen, the robot would be able to actually take a snapshot of your face.
The only times the robots will cross a street is if they are on a road in a designated pedestrian area, says Nick Handrick, the head of operations for Starship’s DC office.




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