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Microsoft revamps Cortana for iPhone in renewed bid to take on Apple’s Siri

as declared in Microsoft on Friday released a promised overhaul of its Cortana iPhone app, simplifying the way the AI assistant works on iOS and making it more practical as an alternative —or complement —to Apple’s native Siri.
Apple is believed to be preparing enhancements to Siri in time for this year’s iPhones , but it’s not clear what those might be.
The refreshed app loads faster, and defaults into listening for voice commands and questions.
When asking search questions, the app will now provide full-page answers.Cortana is likely of less use to most iPhone owners than Siri, since Apple restrictions mean it Cortana can’t be triggered outside of the app, and it doesn’t hook into many native iOS services.
It can however be handy for people who also use a computer with Windows 10, which has Cortana integrated.Microsoft first promised today’s update in December, saying it would rollout to iPhone owners in coming weeks.A recent report noted that Cortana is second to Siri in language support , offering 8 languages in 13 countries versus Siri’s 21 in 36.

Microsoft’s Cortana challenges Siri with revamped iPhone app

according to Microsoft’s Cortana challenges Siri with revamped iPhone appiPhone owners are probably most accustomed to using Siri for their voice-powered assistant needs, seeing as how well it’s integrated with iOS.
Microsoft first unveiled the updated Cortana app back in December, bringing it to Android shortly after.
However, along with Google, Microsoft’s Cortana is looking to make itself a serious alternative on Apple’s platform, and the latest update brings it closer to matching iOS‘s native option.
Released on Friday, the new Cortana for iPhone app has been overhauled with a new interface, and includes several new features that make it easier to use.
Version 2.0 is available to download now from the iOS App Store.



Microsoft updates Cortana app for iPhone users


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