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How NASA found this missing Indian spacecraft

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referring to That’s when the pioneering moon orbiter – the first lunar probe ever launched by the Indian Space Research Organization – abruptly went silent just 312 days into what was supposed to be a two-year mission.
But the silent, stealthy Chandrayaan -1 couldn’t evade powerful radio telescopes.
The researchers used the same technique to find NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter – an easier task because the LRO is still operational.
If scientists want to prevent potentially devastating collisions, they’re going to need a powerful system to keep track of everything.
The orbiter has been missing ever since.

 How NASA found this missing Indian spacecraft 

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In pinpointing this spacecraft, NASA honed a technique for tracking errant spacecraft that’s likely to see action again soon.
ISRO lost contact with the orbiter in 2009, but NASA researchers have found it still orbiting the moon.
Twice within a four-hour span, the researchers picked up “something that had a radar signature of a small spacecraft:” India’s long-lost lunar orbiter.
And on Thursday, they got a second piece of good news: NASA researchers have found the probe continuing its silent orbit around the moon’s poles.
In this undated photo provided by the Indian Space Research Organization, Chandrayaan-1, India’s maiden lunar mission, is taken to the launch pad.

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