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Here Is An iPhone That Is how the Android device interfaces

collected by :Maya Tony

Short Bytes: Eye is a new case for Apple iPhone which includes an Android unit on the backside.
a case of iPhone with an embedded Android phone.
The iPhone case is currently available on Kickstarter with an estimated delivery around August 2017.
The case comes with 5-inch FHD display, MediaTek Helio P20 octa-core processor, 2GB RAM, WiFi ac, Bluetooth, IR blaster, 280 mAh battery.
The Android unit without cellular support can use the iPhone’s internet connection.


It can take selfies with your rear camera lens, if you keep staring at the back screen instead of the front iPhone screen.
The Esti Eye has a second screen, which you look at when you’re not looking at your iPhone screen.
The Esti Eye is the latest accessory oddity to hit Kickstarter.
The battery boost and wireless charging seem useful, but it’s completely unclear how the extra storage works, or how the Android device interfaces with the iPhone.
Really, it’s an Android phone.



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