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Facebook Town Hall Helps Connect You With Government Officials

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The Town Hall tool will then present you with a list of state, local, and federal officials representing you.
The tool allows you to Like and follow their Facebook feed or connect with them directly by tapping “Contact.”
Here’s how you use Facebook to talk to your reps. Open the mobile app, tap the menu icon in the lower right.
“Town Hall” should be there, with a blue building icon.
At this point, you have to decide whether or not you want to give Facebook your address, which may be a sticking point for some.

Facebook Town Hall Feature Contacts Elected Officials

As it stated in This week, the company rolled out a new feature, Town Hall, which helps users connect with their government representatives.
To find Town Hall, open up the Facebook mobile app and tap the menu icon in the lower right-hand corner.
Scroll down the “Explore” column and tap more, and you should see “Town Hall” with a blue building icon.
Once there, you’ll need to provide Facebook with your address (which, hmmm) and the tool will pull up a list of your local, state, and federal representatives.
With each representative listed, users are given the option to follow them on Facebook or tap “Contact,” which pulls up a suite of options, including making a phone call and sending an email (assuming Facebook is able to pull this info from a given official’s page).


As it stated in

Who Is My Representative? Facebook Town Hall Helps Connect You With Government Officials

Photo: FacebookIf you don’t input an address Facebook will use your current location to show the government officials near you.
Read: Facebook Stories: Launch Of Snapchat-Like Story Feature StartsHow To Use Facebook Town Hall Feature:In your browser you’ll find the feature on the left side of the webpage.
Scroll down and select “Town Hall” it looks like a building with pillars.
By entering your address Facebook will be able to better pinpoint your area and the politicians who serve that district.
As part of a plan to improve Facebook, laid out by CEO Mark Zuckerberg last month, the app has added a “Town Hall” feature to encourage users to get more involved in local government and politics.


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