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Michigan woman killed by robot with defect, suit says

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As it stated in A robot at a Michigan factory for bumpers and trailer hitches went rogue, entered an area it was not supposed to be in and killed a human worker, according to a suit.
(Facebook)Lincoln told Courthouse News, which first reported the suit, that it offered condolences to Holbrook’s family but could not comment on the suit.
A human-like bot named Sophia from Hanson Robotics made headlines at SXSW last year when it joked about killing all humans.
William Holbrook is suing robotics companies Prodomax, Flex-N-Gate, FANUC, Nachi, and Lincoln Electric on allegations including negligence and defective design.
Wanda Holbrook was a technician at Ventra Ionia, west of Grand Rapids, before her skull was crushed by a machine in July 2015.

A defective robot killed a woman, a lawsuit claims, and her family wants answers

as declared in (Photo: Provided by Holbrook family via Detroit Free Press)DETROIT — At the sprawling auto-parts factory, while working in the male-dominated industry of robot technicians, Wanda Holbrook was in a league of her own.
Wanda Holbrook, 57, was killed in July 2015 when a robot’s arm malfunctioned, hit and crushed Holbrook’s head.
“She absolutely loved what she did,” Bill Holbrook said.
For Bill Holbrook, the pain from the accident is still too raw to deal with.
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as declared in Instead the freelance maintenance technician was killed by rogue robot who had veered into the area she was working in and killed her by crushing her head.
And in a highly publicised case nearly two years ago in Germany, a 21-year-old worker was killed by a robot at a Volkswagen plant.
At the time of the accident Ms Holbrook, 57, was working for auto-parts maker Ventra Ionia Main in Michigan.
“Upon entering the section, the robot hit and crushed Wanda’s head between a hitch assembly.”When workers noticed something was wrong and entered the area, Ms Holbrook was unresponsive.
Three weeks before the accident that killed Ms Holbrook a The New York Times article raised concerns about safety as these cyber co-workers evolve from “dumb” robots into autonomous operators.

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