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“she saw missing daughter assaulted on Facebook Live “Mother says

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according to A mother desperate to find her missing daughter says she saw a video of her daughter being assaulted on Facebook Live.
Chicago police are investigating her as a missing person, and also looking for whoever posted the Facebook Live video.Facebook has removed the video from its site.636177880412285960-FOUTS
“I saw her face and the look on her face was just pure fear.
Police say a missing person’s report was filed on Austin November 2016, but she was found shortly after.
And I, I just want my daughter home,” said Stacey Elkins.Elkins said 15-year-old Deahvion Austin disappeared Sunday.

As it stated in Warren Mayor Jim Fouts, who heads the state’s third-largest city, is alleging the city treasurer “hijacked” his Facebook friends list.
Mayor Jim Fouts and Treasurer Lorie Barnwell are in a social media war of words after she reached out to his ‘friends’Buy Photo Warren Mayor Jim Fouts.
“This is UNPRECEDENTED” that an elected official would ‘hack’ or ‘hijack’ another official’s private Facebook,” Fouts wrote Monday on (that’s right) his Facebook page.
I was not aware that my ‘friends’ have to be protected of their privacy from another elected official.”
Barnwell wrote on Facebook that she was “confused on the outrage of Mayor Fouts this morning.”



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