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Clips is the Apple-made video sharing app that’s not a social media network

As it stated in The Clips app is a more complex video capture application than the existing capture mechanism in Photos, allowing users to capture a video live, and apply video filters, overlays, and Posters.
As part of the Tuesday reveals, Apple has unveiled a new Clips app, designed to allow iPhone users to create and edit videos with automatic transcription and easily share them to other third party apps and services.
The Clips app isn’t a replacement for more “professional” video editing tools, and appears to be aimed at social media publication, and quick and easy video sharing with existing contacts.A timeline feature allows for stringing together a sequence of up to 30 minute videos easily, to a maximum of 60 minutes.
Posters are basically title pages or video separators, and are full screen text-based images insertable anywhere in the video.The Live Titles feature records a user’s voice, while the app automatically translates it into text in one of 36 languages.
Lite Titles can have several filters as well, including comic book filters, speech bubbles, shapes and full-screen animated posters.Live Titles annotations can be added either during recording or afterwards, and are “perfectly synced” with the user’s voice, according to Apple.Smart Suggestions provides the user guidelines on who the app thinks might want to see the video, based on facial recognition data garnered from Photos.

‘Life’s gone crazy’: Brit teenager becomes overnight social media sensation after puntastic Facebook video racks up 41 MILLION views

as informed in

as informed in Could not subscribe, try again later Invalid Email An 18-year-old became a social media sensation overnight after her ‘puntastic’ video went viral.
The prolific social media user now says she is enjoying her ‘five minutes of fame’ after her video racked up over 41 million views so far.
“When I first posted it on my personal Facebook page, I think it got 1,000 views and I thought that was really good.
At the last count the video on both websites had been viewed 27 million and 17 million times respectively.
Hundreds have commented about the video on Facebook.

Clips is the Apple-made video sharing app that’s not a social media network

as informed in Today, the company announced a new app called Clips, a video-creation app that borrows many features from social media outlets’ video-sharing apps but doesn’t actually have a social media network attached to it.
Otherwise, Clips videos are meant to be shared on other social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, and YouTube.
Apple clearly knows how popular video sharing is over social media, so it created a new way for iOS users to make and share videos.
At the time, the unnamed app sounded much like Snapchat, but Clips videos don’t disappear after sending them.
You also have slightly more control over who sees your Clips videos, compared to blasting a Snapchat story to all you friends (and pseudo-friends).

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