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entire Android phone that you attach your iPhone

collected by :Maya Tony

It’s an iPhone case that is an Android phone.
Can’t decide between an iPhone or Android for your next device?
Most importantly, the Android phone’s battery can be used to charge the iPhone.
The Android part can also act as a front-facing screen for the iPhone’s rear-facing camera, letting you take selfies with the best lens on the phone.
It has 2800 m Ah of power storage, which can potentially triple an iPhone’s battery life – but, of course, that battery also needs to power the Eye’s phone too, particularly given the Android half of this franken-phone has an always-on display.


this case is literally an entire android phone that you attach to your iphone

according to Your iPhone or Android smartphone are essentially small computers with small screens.
While screen sizes may be increasing in the smartphone world to just under 6-inches, they’re still much smaller than their tablet counterparts.
It can support multi-touch input exactly as you would be on your smartphone and even claims to support the Apple Pencil

Android smartphone
Android smartphone

It’s essentially just a 10.1-inch full HD tablet screen that connects to your smartphone via “high performance hardware communication circuitry”, no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth involved here, and mirrors its display exactly.
The Superscreen is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, although it’s already smashed its $50,000 target.



 Android phone into a tablet
Android phone into a tablet

And if this is starting to sound like a spec sheet for an actual Android phone, that’s because it basically is an Android phone.
This is basically duct-taping an Android phone to the back of your iPhone This isn’t running Android on an iPhone.
From a purely technological perspective of cramming an entire phone into a case, Eye is interesting, but I’m left wondering: why?
Sure, it adds some interesting features, but nothing that a regular full-fledged Android phone wouldn’t provide.
The end result is a strange Franken-phone, where one side is an iPhone, the other an Android device.

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