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Nokia and Facebook for faster Internet

Using this approach, the researchers believe that future undersea fibre optic cables could achieve transmission speeds up to 32 Tb/s per fiber.
Nokia and Facebook have jointly develop a technique that can squeeze more data speed through existing undersea fiber optic cables, resulting in up to a 2.5x speed increase over the current standard.
They clocked a practical data transmission speed of 250 Gb/sec over a round-trip transatlantic route.
The Internet as we know it is powered by a network of undersea fiber optic cables that link countries and continents together, keeping the Web communications among them humming.
Using the updated system, a new data speed record was clocked on a trial over a 5,500 km submarine cable between New York and Ireland.

Facebook and Nokia speed up undersea fiber through math

Facebook and Nokia speed

as informed in It could also make undersea fiber more practical by lowering the cost of bandwidth — you could see lines that weren’t viable before.
Based on the efficiency of the line, Facebook and Nokia believe they can ramp it up to 32Tbps per fiber in the long run.
The upgrade could help these fiber line operators keep up with ever-increasing internet demands without having to rip up or add to their existing lines.
It’s likely going to be a while before you see these kinds of upgrades arrive in earnest, although the test runs show that it can hold up in real conditions.
Whenever it does, though, the practical implications are far-reaching.

Its ability to carry data depends on how long it is, the characteristics of the glass it’s made of, and other factors.
If it is, then the networks that link consumers and data centers will have more data than ever to carry.
PCS should be available for installation in fiber networks in three years, according to Nokia.
Nokia recently tested new technology on a pair of fibers Facebook uses on the AEConnect cable across the Atlantic.
To send data over that fiber most efficiently, the network needs different settings, like gears, to adjust for those differences.

Facebook and Nokia

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