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technology history ,types ,advantages & disadvantages

we speak here about the technology and information of strategies and procedures for delivering merchandise and ventures. For different uses, see Technology  advantages and disadvantages and how the technology help us of our life

What Is Technology?

technology is an assortment of information dedicated to making instruments, handling activities and separating of materials. The term ‘Innovation” is wide and everybody has their own specific manner of understanding the importance of innovation. We utilize innovation to fulfill different errands in our day by day lives, in a word; we can portray innovation as items, procedures or associations. We utilize innovation to broaden our capacities, and that makes individuals as the most vital piece of any mechanical framework.

The expression “technology ” rose to unmistakable quality in the twentieth century regarding the Second Industrial Revolution. The term’s implications changed in the mid twentieth century when American social researchers, starting with Thorstein Veblen, interpreted thoughts from the German idea of Technik into “innovation.” In German and other European dialects, a qualification exists amongst technik and technologie that is missing in English, which normally deciphers both terms as “innovation.” By the 1930s, “innovation” alluded not exclusively to the investigation of the mechanical expressions however to the modern expressions themselves.

history of technology

The roads of Telford and McAdam: 1803-1815 Improvement in the speed of coaches, seen in Britain with the introduction of the mail coach in 1784, is accompanied by similar advances in road technology.

Travel in horse-drawn vehicles becomes increasingly sophisticated during a period of about fifty years, until the success of the railways results once again in roads being neglected.

Telford constructs more than 900 miles of road in Scotland, together with 120 bridges, before transferring his attention to the important route along the north coast of Wales.

With justification Robert Southey describes Telford as the Colossus of Roads.

John McAdam, has been making great improvements in the surface quality of the new roads.

A McAdam road is well drained and is raised slightly above ground level.

The road is opened to traffic for several weeks, until the metal-rimmed wheels of carriages and carts have compressed and levelled the stones sufficiently for the next layer, of a finer grade, to be added.

Innovation is legitimately characterized as any use of science to fulfill a capacity. The science can lead edge or entrenched and the capacity can have high perceivability or be essentially more ordinary, however it is all innovation, and its abuse is the establishment of all upper hand.

Innovation based arranging is what was utilized to fabricate the US modern mammoths before WWII (e.g., Dow, DuPont, GM) and it is what was utilized to change the US into a superpower. It was not monetary based arranging.


What are different sorts of technology?

Sorts of innovation incorporate data innovation, medicinal innovation, assistive innovation, instructional innovation, profitability innovation and showing innovation, as indicated by the National Assistive Technology Research Institute. Innovation uses hardware, for example, PCs, cell phones, sight and sound, programming, recreations and applications. Email, online journals, messaging, texting, interpersonal organizations, twitter and video conferencing are all types of innovation intervened correspondence, notes Kevin Johnston for the Houston

Advantages  and Disadvantages OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY


  • Easy Access to information
  • Encourages innovation and creativity
  • Improved communication
  • The convenience of Traveling
  • Improved housing and lifestyle
  • Improved Entertainment
  • Efficiency and Productivity
  • Convenience in Education
  • Social Networking
  • Changed the health industry


  • Increased loneliness
  • Job Loss
  • Competency
  • World destruction weapons


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Apple iPad 2

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