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iPhone 7 and 9.7-inch iPad now available from the Apple Store

The Apple Store website is back up as scheduled; you can now order the new red iPhone and the cheaper $329 iPad from the Apple Online Store.

As well as online, Apple is also selling the red iPhone and the iPad at Apple retail stores, select carrier stores and authorized resellers.
The red iPhone is available in 128 GB and 256 GB sizes only, which means the (RED) iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are available from $749 and $849 respectively.Apple will donate some money to the PRODUCT(RED) charity for each device sold.
Update: Red iPhone shipping estimates indicate Tuesday delivery, in-store pickup available as soon as today at some locations.
The (RED) iPhone is the first time Apple has released a new case color out of cycle and marks the first partnership with the PRODUCT(RED) charity for the iPhone.

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Apple Store is down again as new ‘red’ iPhone and iPad go on sale today

Apple Store is down again

While later that day the company revealed its new (RED) iPhone and the revamped iPad, the products were not readily available to order.
In case you’re itching to get your hands on one of these two, make sure to rush to the Apple Store at 8:01 PDT.
Earlier this week, Apple temporarily took down its online store, replacing it with a cryptic message promising something ‘special’ is coming very soon.
CHECK IT OUTUnlike last time, Apple hasn’t revealed the reason for taking down its online store on its dedicated System Status Page.
But taking into account this week’s fresh product announcements, chances are the company is prepping the (RED) iPhone remake as well as the new and improved iPad to go on sale later today.

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 iPad and iPhone models

Apple offers new apps, iPad and iPhone modelsLast week was a busy one for Apple, which announced several new iPhone and iPad configurations and a new iOS app for creating videos.
The company also acquired one of my favorite third-party iOS apps, Workflow.

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