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Twitter tending Against YouTube, Facebook, Amazon

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Facebook, Amazon and YouTube all boast bigger audiences than Twitter, and that statistic could entice the NFL to move away from Twitter.
Facebook, Amazon, YouTube and Twitter are seeking the rights from the National Football League, according to Recode.
The social network drew 2.3 million viewers for its first streamed NFL game and reported an average of 3.5 million viewers per game.
While primarily a social network, Facebook has been pushing to expand its live streaming service, as Amazon continues to build its library of content.
Thursday Night Football also airs on NBC, CBS and the NFL Network cable channel, pitting online streaming against traditional broadcast.

Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and YouTube are tending to stream the NFL’s Thursday night games

as declared in Spokespeople for Amazon, Facebook and Twitter declined to comment, as did Alex Riethmiller, a spokesperson for the NFL.
Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and Google’s YouTube have all submitted proposals to the NFL in the hope of streaming the games, according to two sources familiar with the process.
The NFL is selling the rights to stream its “Thursday Night Football” games next season, and at least four big tech companies are interested.
While Twitter didn’t require viewers to have an account to watch the streams last year, it has a significantly smaller audience than Facebook and YouTube.
Twitter didn’t report a meaningful spike in user growth or revenue as a result of last year’s games, for instance.
Facebook, Amazon, Twitter

as declared in

NFL Shopping ‘TNF’ Digital Rights Again: Twitter Bidding Against YouTube, Facebook, Amazon (Report)

Twitter Bidding Against

The social network is bidding again for a live-streaming deal, but it’s being joined by YouTube, and Amazon.com for 2017 “TNF” games, according to a Recode report citing anonymous sources.
He added that 50% of the Twitter audience for the NFL live streams was less than 25 years old.
On TV, NFL ratings were notably depressed last season, and the league is now looking at cutting back the ad load with its broadcasting partners.
CBS’s average TV audience for the five “TNF” games it aired last fall were down 16% year-over-year; those games on CBS plus the simulcast on NFL Network had an average TV audience of 14.72 million.
The NFL and the companies reportedly bidding for “Thursday Night Football” digital rights declined to comment.


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