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Water festival Pokemon and SHINY characters Go launches

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The company has yet to clarify whether the Shiny Pokemon will still exist after the Water Festival event is over.
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In the meantime, players can take advantage of the increased spawn rate of water Pokemon.
As for the rest of the Shiny Pokemon, Niantic will likely roll them out one by one, or in small groups at best, as part of future events like this week’s Water Festival.
Unfortunately, those Dittos that disguise as the shiny Pokemon don’t retain the shininess when they reveal themselves.

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Pokemon Go Celebrates Water Festival, Good Chance To Catch Rare Pokemons

When shiny Pokemon were first introduced in the original games, there would be about one shiny Pokemon for every 8,192 regular Pokemon.
Within those games, Shiny Pokemon were incredibly rare – players had a 1 in 8,192 chance of finding one.
It is not just Lapras that will pop up more often; the Pokemon Go makers dropped the biggest surprise in the form of shiny Pokemon.
Shiny Magikarp and Shiny Gyarados have been appearing fairly frequently and being snatched up by trainers.
Gold, Light-orange, yellowish – it really depends on how your display and your eyes interpret the color scheme for this particular Shiny Pokemon.
Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go launches Water festival and SHINY characters – but the clock’s ticking to catch ’em all

 Water festival and SHINY characters

Players have already started to notice mysterious shiny characters too, although their existence has not been confirmed by Nintendo.
Players will see heaps more water Pokemon as they roam around town, smartphones held aloft.
It’s also launched a new range of shiny characters certain to delight gaming fans.
2 Magikarp and Gyarados are appearing in Pokemon Go, causing fans to go nutsThe Water Festival will run until March 29.
There’s reports of shiny Magikarps evolving into shiny red Gyarados – a very rare find.

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