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We Need To Colonize Mars Escape Robot Apocalypse

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as informed in 5555846Elon Musk wants humans to colonize Mars, in part, so we can escape a robot uprising, the billionaire told Vanity Fair.
goes rogue and turns on humanity,” Musk told Vanity Fair.
Musk worries that, in the short term, artificial intelligence may replace human jobs and create an economic crisis.
“With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon,” Musk said.
We are the first species capable of self-annihilation.”Musk highlighted the dangers of artificial intelligence, and he said robots may not follow humanity to Mars to finish us off.

Uber’s Arizona Crash Highlights Need for Company to Accept Responsibility When Robot Driving Technology Fails, Consumer Watchdog says

Uber's Arizona Crash Highlights

as mentioned in In December Consumer Watchdog led the fight against Uber’s illegal testing of robot cars in San Francisco without the required permits.
“The interaction between robot cars and human-driven cars is an area of serious concern and requires research,” said Simpson.
Only Volvo accepted the challenge and agreed to accept responsibility for their robot cars at some levels of automation.
When the Department of Motor vehicles revoked the robot cars’ registrations, Uber moved them to Arizona, where there are no testing regulations.
Nonetheless, Consumer Watchdog said, the incident raised the question of who is at fault when a robot car causes a crash.
‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Has Robot Dinosaurs.

as mentioned in It’s All about the Robot Dinosaurs, ManBut the game really shines during low-tech fights against robot dinosaurs.
The robot dinosaurs have the kind of names you’d find in a “Land Before Time” movie: Tallneck, Thunderjaw, Rock Breaker.
Society has collapsed and now functions with primitive tribes and robot dinosaurs.
On the way, she’ll slay a few robot dinosaurs.
Guerrilla Games could have skated on a great premise (robot dinosaurs) and a by-the-numbers sandbox outing.

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