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top 36 important briefs in information technology IT

first at all A brief is a compact archive that clarifies what is needed and why (the reasonable explanation) and records the qualities that a result must exhibit to be worthy (the particulars).

and Brief advancement is a dynamic procedure –  also an underlying brief is dynamically refined to portray and legitimize the result that has been produced.

Need or opportunity

Educator discussing necessities with an industry delegate

and Each concise is a reaction to a need or opportunity.

in addition to Distinguishing a bona fide need or opportunity may take some exploration and cautious investigation of the unique situation. and  In the event that investigation hurls various conceivable needs or openings,  also the technologist needs to choose one that offers scope for mechanical advancement and after that legitimize their decision.

Parts of a brief

Parts of a brief


 1-Applied explanation

first at all The initial segment of a brief is the theoretical explanation.  and This imparts, by means of any proper means (for instance, oral, composed, drawing, or advanced),  also the concentration and reason for the proposed mechanical result. The reasonable explanation ought to be immovably in light of a watchful investigation of the unique circumstance and issue.


The second some portion of a short comprises of the details, which set down different necessities that must be met if the result is to be judged as “fit for reason”. These prerequisites identify with the result’s physical and utilitarian natures (what is needed as far as appearance, execution, et cetera).

Determinations give a “measuring stick” for continuous assessment all through the improvement procedure, and against which the ultimate result can be judged as fit for reason (or not).

At the point when particulars incorporate prerequisites identifying with how the technologist approaches building up a result, the result’s wellness for reason can be assessed “in its broadest sense”.


first at all Qualities are regularly created as an initial step to creating details. Not at all like particulars, qualities are wide descriptors – relative, not quantifiable. and They can mean distinctive things to various individuals.

in addition to The brief ought to plainly depict a result that will address the issue or understand the open door, considering the physical and social condition in which it will be arranged/utilized.
And because the computer test complained about the difficulty of many applicants, we are trying to provide you with notes to enable you to pass it easily, and today we offer you a note of the most important shortcuts in information technology IT, which includes 36 terms IT

the most important briefs  in information technology IT

 information technology IT

  1. ADSL :      Asymmetric Digital ubscriber Line
  2. Bit  :         1 or 0 level of storage is called a bit
  3. BPS :        Bits Per Second
  4. Byte :       A measurement of storage capacity
  5. CBT :       Computer Based Training
  6. CD :         Compact Disk
  7. CD-R :    Compact Disk – Recordable
  8. CD-ROM : Compact Disk – Read Only Memory
  9.  CPU :      Central Processing Unit
  10. DAT :       Digital Audio Tape
  11. DOS  :     Disk Operating System
  12. DSL :     Digital Subscriber Lines
  13.  DVD :    Digital Versatile Disk
  14.  FTP  :     File Transfer Protocol
  15. GByte :  Gigabyte. A gigabyte consists of 1024 MBytes
  16. GHz  :    Measurement of computer speed. Gigahertz
  17. GUI :     Graphical User Interface
  18. Hz  :      Hertz ( this is a measurement of frequency (i.e. speed).
  19. IS :        Information Systems
  20. ISDN :   Integrated Services Digital Network
  21. IT  :        Information Technology
  22. KB :       A kilobyte  consists of 1024 bytes.  1024 bytes
  23.  LAN  :   Local Area Network
  24. MB  :       Megabyte A megabyte  is one million bytes
  25. MHz :    Million Hertz PC Personal Computer
  26. PSTN :    Public Switched Telephone Network
  27.  RAM :    Random Access Memory
  28. ROM :      Read Only Memory ROM-BIOS Read Only Memory
  29. BIOS :     Basic Input Output System
  30. RSI  :      Repetitive Strain Injury
  31.  TB  :       TByte Terabyte. A terabyte is one million Mbytes
  32. UPS  :      Uninterruptible Power Supply
  33.  USB  :     Universal Serial Bus
  34. VDU  :      Visual Display Unit
  35. WAN :      Wide Area Network
  36. WWW :     World Wide Web


A brief ought to consider the physical and social conditions in which the result will be created and arranged.

and The physical condition alludes to the spaces where the result will be created lastly found. Elements to be considered incorporate region, geography, temperature, lighting, wind, climate, clamor, adjacent items/elements, and perils.

also The social condition alludes to the complex of human variables – for instance, moral, social, political, monetary – that will impact the worthiness and suitability of the result when set in its ordained area.

in addition to A comprehension of physical and social conditions must be come to through a watchful investigation of how recorded occasions have formed connections between the different variables, and how future occasions may keep on shaping them.

finally Technologists must organize (survey regarding relative significance) physical and social natural effects and impacts, and additionally different components that surface in discussion with key partners and the more extensive group.

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