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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Nokia 3310

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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Nokia 3310: Specifications Smartphones Samsung Galaxy S8 Nokia 3310 OS Android 7.0 (“Nougat”) Nokia Series 30+ Screen size 5.8 inches 2.4in Resolution 2960×1440 Super AMOLED 240×320 Display density 567ppi 167ppi Storage 64GB 16MB Weight TBC TBC Processor Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 8895 32-bit single core processor Rear camera 12MP 2MP Front camera 8MP VGA Battery 3000m Ah 1200m Ah RRP $1,199 ~$67 Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Nokia 3310: Analysis This is, admittedly, a massively one-sided fight on more levels than you might appreciate.
Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Nokia 3310Alex Kidman 30 March 2017 How do the two most talked-about phones of 2017 compare?
You could buy just under 18 Nokia 3310 handsets for the price of one Galaxy S8, after all.
In 2017, however, no two phones have had quite as much attention as Samsung’s just-announced Samsung Galaxy S8, and Nokia’s absolute throwback phone, the Nokia 3310.
If your tastes run more in the smartphone direction, we’ve also compared the Galaxy S8 against the iPhone 7, the Galaxy S8+ against the iPhone 7 Plus and both new Galaxy S8/S8+ handsets against the cream of the Android handset crop.

 Nokia 3310

as mentioned in Also read: Nokia 3310 Has A Big Problem, Consider It Before You Buy OneThe American chipmaker recently announced its Snapdragon 205 chipset, specially designed to give feature phones like Nokia 3310 a major boost.
Nokia 3310 set to be the most popular mobile releases of 2017.
In the market dominated by the smartphones, Nokia 3310 seems to come from a different world.
If included with the Nokia 3310, the Snapdragon 205 could be a game changer.
Despite still not having an official release date, the new Nokia 3310 still looks set to be a hit among nostalgic phone fans.
Nokia 3310

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