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What is assistive technology and how use it a learning environment

The use of the term “technology” is frequently included among all segments of society, whether academically, medically, informational or even in entertainment and recreation. But … Have you ever heard of assistive technology ?! If this term sounds strange to you, let me give you a simplified profile.

What do we mean by assistive technology?

 assistive technology

Any device, device or system, whether a commercial product, a modified product, a developer or a custom, is used to increase, maintain or improve the functional capacity of individuals with special needs.

The term assistive technology is concerned with two basic processes:

  • Provide the tool, method, system or product to improve or maintain the functional capacity of individuals with disabilities.
  • Provide assistance to these individuals for the selection, acquisition or use of assistive technology.

Assistive technology is very important for people with special needs in the learning environment in their different categories. They either help them to learn and improve their performance when there is a deficiency in one of the learner’s body functions, whether intellectual or organic. Learning to improve computations, reading or writing.

How can we integrate assistive technology into a learning environment?

Of course the basic criteria required for technology selection generally apply to assistive technology. Therefore, before selecting and integrating assistive technology, we must consider the following:

  1. Taking into account the target group and its needs, and defining the desired objectives of the integration of assistive technology.
  2. Full awareness of the scientific content, and the extent to which the technology helps it.
  3. To be a teacher familiar with the experience and experience of different strategies and methods of teaching, because it is the basis of the educational process and not the auxiliary technology ..!
  4. Interview the time, effort and cost of integrating technology with their results, ask the question: Is the return of integrating assistive technology into a learning environment worth the effort and cost
  5. Determine the behavioral goals that the learner must attain and the new evaluation methods after the integration of assistive technology.
  6. Design strategies and specific steps to integrate technology.
  7. Prepare the learning environment so that the assistive technology works best.
  8. Evaluation and revision.

Examples of assistive technologies:

Tobii Eye Tracker:

The Tobii Eye Tracker Experiment from Adam Westbrook on Vimeo.

This tool enables people with physical disabilities to control computers or tablets through eye movement.


A camera with a camera reads the text for the blind.


Communication and communication tool for people with physical, intellectual and linguistic disabilities, through which the translation of the eye’s eye to the language spoken through a tablet, and the device has recently provided the possibility of writing emails and text

finaly that the use of technology is not the desired goal, but must have a clear impact on bridging deficits or deficits, and to suit the situations and characteristics of its users, as well as educational content. With attention to the fact that in many cases technology may be a distracting factor if not carefully chosen! It must also know all its characteristics in order to use it optimally, which ensures that the learner’s abilities to learn, and help him to participate and actively contribute to improving the quality of education. Most importantly, the learner must be convinced of the use of this technology, and participate in the decision-making process for the selection and use of assistive technology, and ensure that it is able to use it through necessary training and training.

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