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What is social intelligence and its difference from intelligence

Social intelligence describes the exclusive human ability to navigate and negotiate complex social relationships and different environments effectively. The psychiatrist and professor at the London School of Economics, Nicholas Humphrey, believes that social intelligence, or the fertility of our own lives, is what makes people more important than our quantitative intelligence – for example, a human being living in the heart of a conscious present surrounded by odors, tastes, That you are an extraordinary metaphysical entity with characteristics that almost appear to belong to the material world.  According to social researcher Honeywell Ross, it is the result of total psychological and social awareness, social beliefs, evolving attitudes, abilities and will to manage complex social change. A person with a high social intelligence (SQ) is neither better nor worse than a person with low social status, who only have different attitudes, hopes, reconciliations, and desires.

what is  social intelligence

 social intelligence

Social intelligence, according to the original definition of Edward Thorndiki, is “the ability to understand and deal with men and women, boys and girls, and to act wisely in human relations.”  Social intelligence or interactive intelligence is also equivalent to the intelligent handling of interpersonal relationships, one type of intelligence defined in Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence that is closely related to the theory of the mind. Some authors limit the definition to dealing only with knowledge of social situations, and may be more aptly called social cognition or social marketing intelligence, which is concerned with orientation in psycho-social advertising, marketing strategy and tactics. According to Shawn Fulino, it is a person’s ability to fully understand his environment and behave appropriately to socially successful behavior.

important of  social intelligence

social intelligence

Without social intelligence, a person is tired of fatigue and loses confidence in himself and in people. Social intelligence requires work, patience and courtesy. This intelligence is the possibility of the individual to get rid of evasion of embarrassing life situations and the possibility of the person to convince and adapt around them and in planning to reach the goals of the individual self.

Social intelligence may come out into multiple meanings. It is sometimes said that this person is a diplomat or an “attic”, that is, he tries not to clash with people or to confront them with what they hate, so that he does not lose any of the parties and social intelligence remains relatively far from the truth and often says that he is close to flattery The disadvantage is not social intelligence, but socialism is considered as any means of life can be used in a positive way and can be exploited by the negative way.

social intelligence that we cherish

The social intelligence that we cherish, and which we love and call, is not access, climbing or hypocrisy. These qualities are based on the measure of social intelligence itself before the ethical standard, which is the basis of true social intelligence. !

Perhaps we are not out of the ordinary if we say that social intelligence if used correctly and at the right time we will get good results from the relations of non-sensitive and friendly relations. If we mention some examples of the methods of this intelligence, we find that there is a fine line between this intelligence and lies must be attention to not fall into the trap of lying to it. What is narrated from the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) represents the top of social intelligence, which is: (It is not permissible to lie only in three places: in the war and talk to women and reform of women

Social IQ (SQ)

The social IQ or social intelligence quotient (SQ) is the abstract statistic similar to the “standard score” method used in IQ tests at an average of 100. Unlike the standard IQ test, it is not a static model.  It is more inclined to the Piaget theory, Intelligence is not a fixed feature but a complex pyramid of information processing skills that lies behind the balance of adaptation between the individual and the environment. An individual can thus change his or her attitude towards a complex social environment

The difference between intelligence and social intelligence

According to Professor Nicholas Humphrey, being smart is just not enough. For example, children with autism are sometimes very intelligent. They are good at giving notes and remembering all of them. However, there are those who say that their social intelligence is low. The chimpanzees are so smart that they can observe and remember things. The ability of monkeys to remember is better than human ability, yet they are unable to act in personal relationships. This is an incomplete equation, there is something lacking and to complete that equation we need the theory of reason is the theory of how to work from the inside of a long time ago dominated this area through the behavioral school. Scientists believe that one can only understand humans, mice or pigeons to monitor their behavior and find mutual relationships. Most recent theories suggest that this is not true, and the conduct of the internal structure must be considered.

Professor Nicholas Hymfrey and Professor Ross Honewell believe that what is human is not the quantity of intelligence in man but the social intelligence or the richness of our quality of life, which is the reality of man, for example what does it mean to you as a person living in the conscious present, surrounded by odors, tastes and feelings And the fact that you are a mere entity with characteristics that seem difficult to integrate into the physical world. This is social intelligence.

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