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you will go back to Android after using the iPhone

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This was my first time using an iPhone as my daily driver, so everything about the operating system was new to me.
The entire UI was a vast departure from what I had been using with Android smartphones, and because of this, iOS felt fresh and exciting.
This is something that I really battled with while using the iPhone, and between this and the other irritations I have with Apple’s software, I ultimately decided to go back to Android (the OnePlus 3T more specifically).
Right now, you can choose between the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (and technically the SE, but I’m not talking about simple releases).
With the Android 7.0 Nougat update, Google nailed notifications on the head.

The 5 Best Apps for Recording an Electric Instrument of your mobile

The 5 Best Apps for Recording an Electric Instrument with Your iPhone or Android In the music world, it’s safe to say electric instruments are more versatile, but they lack the portability of their acoustic counterparts.
AmpliTube (iOS & Android) Next up is the official app from IK Multimedia, maker of the iRig interfaces.
If you’re serious about recording your music with a mobile device, an iPhone or iPad would be the way to go.
If you’re pleased with the recording, tap the disk icon to save it.
Toggle the tracks playing by tapping each instance on the bottom, then tap record to capture the whole composition.
5 Best Apps



as declared in Microsoft Authenticator app for Android & iPhone introduces Phone Sign-InRECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and improve system performance“Use your phone instead of your password for personal Microsoft accounts”, says Microsoft.
Furthermore, the Company has also announced the public availability of its Microsoft Authenticator App and phone sign-in feature for Android and iOS platforms.
The Microsoft Authenticator App now supports phone sign-in.
Microsoft Authenticator introduces Phone Sign-InTyping the tedious passwords with special characters on the phone has always been a headache.
Just approve the notification sent to the Microsoft Authenticator after entering your username, and provide your passcode or TouchID,”Alex further added.


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