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best programes and best apps for ipad

You can not take advantage of any iPad or other tablet without the presence of applications wonderful and distinctive, so we will give you today the best apps for ipad and best programs for iPad, which can not any iPad Astnagna them and advise you to download them in the near future.

4 best programes for i bad 

1- Adobe Reader for iPad and iPad Mini:

Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader for iPad and iPad Mini

One of the most important uses of the iPad is reading and reading stories, novels and various documents and files, and most of them are in PDF format, so Adobe Reader application features such as adding notes and teaching texts and words and search within the document is the best application to deal with Files with this extension.
2-Chrome Web Browser:

Chrome Web
Chrome Web Browser

I do not like Safari much, and whenever I use it, it feels like it restricts me, so if you use the iPad to surf the web a lot, I recommend that you rely on Google Chrome browser and you will notice the difference, especially with the synchronization feature with the computer.
3-Dropbox to share files between all your devices:

Dropbox to share files between all your devices

In short, Dropbox is a cloud storage service. You register with Dropbox, and then download the application on your computer, iPad and all your devices to show you a folder in your computer called Dropbox. The files that you put in the cache can be accessed in this application, Connected to the Internet and you can modify them and save the adjustments and then continue to work from another device.

There’s also a similar application called Google Drive that gives you access to your documents stored in Google Docs
4-CamScanner program

CamScanner program

The most important feature of the application is to select only the paper or document and ignore the space next to it with the photo level setting so that it is parallel to the document you want to scan.

5-best apps for i bad 



A new communication application that lets you delete your messages after they arrive for the future
Wiper is the name of a new application of instant communication applications, which is filling phone stores these days, although it comes with a new feature, wonderful and practical also missing most of these applications. In addition to sending texts, messages, pictures and video clips, as well as making voice calls, the application allows with the push of a button to cancel any message you sent from your phone,

2-Application Accordéon to iPad

Application Accordéon
Application Accordéon to iPad

The application converts your iPad into a musical instrument (Okordion) containing 19 keys and eight buttons, in addition to the download of some famous musical tracks for free …


3-Best 3 applications to modify “documents” on iPad

If iPad is very important to you at your own level, you will definitely need a special application that allows you to modify your files and documents with their different extensions. Unfortunately, most of the applications on the Apple Store are paid for when you talk about an application that meets all your needs easily. You can choose between one of these applications
1-Quickoffice Pro HD
2-Documents to Go

4-Best 5 apps for your child on the iPad this week

A new section in which we offer you the top 5 apps and games for your child on the iPad this week, according to the App Store downloads.
1-StoryBots Tap & Sing
2-Preschool Maze 123
3-Dr. Seuss’s Short Story Collection
5-Living Stories: The Brave Little Tailor

5-Application for handwriting on i bad

Application for handwriting on i bad

The free Handwriting Gold application is available on the Apple Store for Applications, offering handwriting solutions with your fingers on the iPhone and iPad. After you install the application, you can adjust the settings, font colors and font type, and then start typing the desired words or drawings on the application page. You can then share your posts with your friends via email
IMadeFace application for iPad and iPhone: Make your cartoon face in moments
The app that occupies the top now as the best free application in the map of Apple Store is iMadeFace, it is designed for entertainment and allows you to create a cartoon face of multiple tools in a few moments. .

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