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US National Geographic Intelligence Agency

National-geospatial intelligence agency is One of the branches of the US intelligence services, which is not very famous and the pursuit of US President Donald Trump to use it to spy on the American people.

National-geospatial intelligence agency

intelligence agency
National-geospatial intelligence agency

There is a huge headquarters of a branch of the American intelligence services located 15 miles south of Washington, DC, which many people do not know about. Even the former US president, Barack Obama, did not seem to know him. In a visit to the “Five Guys” restaurant in 2009, the president asked a customer about his field of work.  he was working for the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA), or National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. Obama was surprised and asked the man to identify him. Now, eight years later, the US National Geographic Intelligence Agency remains an unknown branch of the top five intelligence agencies, including the CIA and the National Security Agency (NSA).

Although that is  not known, it is the third largest building in Washington, even larger than the CIA building and the Capitol.

National-geospatial intelligence agency building

intelligence agency building
National-geospatial intelligence agency building

the construction of the building of  national-geospatial intelligence agency was completed in 2011 at a cost of $ 1.4 billion, with an area of four football fields or two aircraft carriers. The agency bought another 99 acres in St. Louis in 2016 to build additional buildings at a cost of $ 1.75 billion to accommodate additional staff, with 3,000 employees already in the city.

Mission of the US National Geographic Intelligence Agency

 Intelligence Agency
Mission of the US National Geographic Intelligence Agency

the mission of the US National Geographic Intelligence Agency by saying that its function is similar to that of the National Security Agency. While the first concerns the analysis of images and footage captured by unmanned aerial vehicles in the Middle East and the accurate images captured by spy satellites, The US National Geographic Intelligence Agency has been working outside the United States and has not been involved in any espionage scandals such as its sister CIA and NSA. There are fears, however, that the situation will not remain so under President Trump.

the progress of   US National Geographic Intelligence Agency

Since taking office, Trump has sought to unlock the hand of inational-geospatial intelligence agency, spending more of the budget on the Department of Defense, and stressed the imposition of law and order. Given his strong focus on internal security, it is logical to expect that Trump will not hesitate to do anything about it.

a Pentagon report in March 2011 on the results of an investigation by the Office of the Inspector-General of the Department of Defense concerning the use of spy planes traveling inside America. The report revealed that the Pentagon had used demilitarized warplanes in America in less than 20 occasions between 2006 and 2015. Although the report does not specify the nature of these missions, another report by the Pentagon also lists 11 unmanned aerial vehicle missions, ranging from natural disasters to search and rescue operations to National Guard exercises.

The investigation cited part of a review of an air force law that indicates an increase in concerns about the use of technology to spy on enemies abroad in spying on Americans at home.

fears of national-geospatial intelligence agency

Although the report pointed out that all tasks were subject to the law, the author adds, he pointed out that in 2015 there were no unified federal laws specifying where aircraft could be used if civilian authorities applied. But there is a policy governing the use of the Ministry of Defense for reconnaissance reconnaissance aircraft and require the approval of the Minister of Defense for such operations. The legislation states that no surveillance of American citizens is permitted without legal authorization and approval by the Minister of Defense. US police also prohibit the use of warplanes loaded with weapons inside America for any purpose other than military training and weapons testing.

that officials in Baltimore do not know that the police are constantly using the army’s marching planes. Few people know how accurate that weapon is. One of these aircraft is “ARGUS-IS” and has the world’s most powerful camera with 1.8 billion pixels. It can not be seen from the ground at a height of four miles in the air, and uses a technology called “constant stare” – which equates to 100 marching planes shooting a medium-sized city at the same time – to track everything that moves. It can cover up to 15 square miles per time.

Thus, it does not take more than two planes to cover a region like Manhattan fully throughout the day. They can take a picture of a piece of butter in a dish and store a million terabytes of data per day.

In 2007 – under George W. Bush – the Department of Homeland Security established an agency to direct internal espionage via satellite called the Office of National Applications. But the Obama administration has canceled the project “for fear of having a big brother in heaven.”

However, surveillance with the use of internal aircraft has not received the necessary attention either from Congress or from American public opinion. The Trump administration may take advantage of this lack of attention.

Trump can use the aircraft to monitor Muslims or members of the Black Lives Matter movement. Trump expressed his intention to censor the mosques, and this technology would allow him to track the worshipers. Helicopters can help track down illegal immigrants who will be deported. They can also be used to monitor gangs in Chicago.

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