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20 windows 8 apps make computer very useful

One of the most unique features of Windows 8 is the applications, as it gives the user a unique experience and a pleasant journey with each application, here we speak about 20 windows 8 apps make computer very useful the idea of using full-screen on Windows is a wonderful idea and distinctive. We have already reviewed the best 10 applications for Windows 8 you should try but this time we will review a larger and larger applications. We will review more than 30 unique applications for Windows 8 / 8.1 that you can use and enjoy on your computer. Where it is already a distinct applications and worthy of experience because it adds to you a unique experience and also there is what is unique and distinctive and performs distinctive functions. It is always good to use the regular Windows desktop software, but Windows 8 is also a Windows 8 fun without a doubt. Now we will review the best Windows 8 applications through the following lines. We will try to avoid the applications we reviewed in previous topics

20 windows 8 apps are very importent 

1-facebook app

facebook app
facebook app

The Facebook application is definitely worth mentioning as it is the official application of Facebook on Windows 8. You can use your account on Facebook, watch new publications and comments, upload your photos, share photos with your friends, send messages and chat with your friends on Facebook. Which is the official application of the use of Facebook on Windows 8. We have already previously reviewed the application through the theme of the official Facebook application for Windows 8, you can review it.
2-The News Bento application

Bento application
The News Bento application

The News Bento application is also a great application that allows you to easily add and follow your favorite sites from one place. Where you add the favorite sites for you to the application, and then show you all the new topics automatically and sequentially from these sites.
3-Application of TeamViewer

Application of TeamViewer

The Team Viewer application is definitely an application that goes beyond definition, as it follows the popular TeamViewer program, which allows you to easily control your computer from your home as if you were sitting on your device. You can control your device with this great application. With only a password you enter it and your friend’s ID and then start the process of detecting his device easily
4-Photo Fast Viewer app

Fast Viewer
Photo Fast Viewer app

The Photo Fast Viewer application is a unique and compact application for viewing photos from your Windows folder or from an external flash memory or hard drive. With a set of features to browse images and move between images as well. Zoom in and zoom out with a very special review
5-Adobe Photoshop Express app

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Express app

The Adobe Photoshop Express application is a free and unique application that allows you to easily edit images, cut and rotate images, adjust lighting and color equivalents easily, and many other tools like red-eye corrosive imaging, as well as repair of other imaging errors, but the application contains some of the features and features you need to purchase . But otherwise application is completely free
6-Fotor app

Fotor app
Fotor app

Application Fotor is one other application that is distinctive for modifying images and grouping images into a single image. You can work on images by adding text to images and add many effects also on the images and control the degree. The application allows you many features and tools to make the image a masterpiece, and the design of the application is very impressive and easy to use and you can add a frame of images and also fix the mistakes of photography and other things
7-Adobe Reader Touch app

Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader Touch app

The Adobe Reader Touch application is one of the outstanding applications and a great alternative to Microsoft’s virtual e-book reader. You can view and read PDF files through this application. The application is already unique and has great features. You can specify and color a text in an e-book while reading and adding notes. And also search within the writing for a certain word to access information easily.
8-Evernote app

Evernote app
Evernote app

The Evernote application is one of the rich application definitions available on Windows 8 too. You can also take notes, write them and ideas through this application. And also a wonderful and distinctive presentation of these ideas and notes and you can search and access to any idea or note you wrote in the past easily.
9-Advanced English Dictionary app

English Dictionary
Advanced English Dictionary app

Advanced English Dictionary is a very unique dictionary that contains more than 200 thousand words and defines them as well as reading the words in American and British accents, and is also available without the Internet, but the reading or pronunciation of the words needs the Internet. The application is completely free and very special for learning English. The design of the application is distinctive and easy to use and does not contain a lot of elements and use it is boring
10-Wikipedia app

Wikipedia app
Wikipedia app

The Wikipedia application allows you to read articles in the popular Wikipedia encyclopedia that contains millions of articles and information that you can browse and read in any language you want. This application is the official and contains more than 20 million articles in more than 280 languages. You can browse and read what you want in the language you want
11-MusiXmatch Lyrics Player app

MusiXmatch Lyrics
MusiXmatch Lyrics Player app

MusiXmatch Lyrics Player is a great application for playing songs on Windows 8, where you can play foreign songs with words on the screen in a distinctive and wonderful. The application displays the words with the song automatically. You can watch YouTube videos for songs, add words and move distinctively with your listening. The application also identifies the songs through the microphone, listening to the song and matching it through a huge base of more than 6 million songs in 18 languages.
12-Dropbox app

Dropbox app
Dropbox app

Dropbox is a standard Dropbox application for Windows 8, allowing you to browse and view all your files, photos and videos on your Xbox 360 account directly from the Internet. You open, modify, and save the files you want. Where you can store and browse as many files as you like.
13-Backgrounds Wallpapers HD app

Backgrounds Wallpapers HD
Backgrounds Wallpapers HD app

Backgrounds HD is one of the featured applications we’ve reviewed before. Where you can get high quality wallpapers permanently for your desktop.
14-Perfect 365 app

Perfect 365
Perfect 365 app

Perfect365 is a unique application to modify the images in terms of face and shape, where you can add some adjustments to get the results distinct and wonderful. You can add style to your face easily. The application is very special for girls. To try out the style before it is applied, you can try it by default first.
15-Fhotoroom app

Fhotoroom app
Fhotoroom app

Fhotoroom is a unique application for editing images, adding effects, adding a frame of images, filters, and tools to modify images to become better or as you want them to be the best.
16-Gallery HD app

Gallery HD app
Gallery HD app

The Gallery HD application is a great application for browsing and viewing photos and videos on your device and browsing it or from a full-screen flash memory with premium quality. Detailed picture information is displayed on your device and your photos are displayed as well as possible. You can organize photos on your computer in favorite albums with the possibility to use some tools to enlarge photos and other special things.
17-Skitch Touch app

Skitch Touch
Skitch Touch app

The Skitch Touch application is an image editing application where you can add text and text to the image as you want as an illustration of images to illustrate something.
18-VEVO app

VEVO app
VEVO app

VEVO is a VEVO company that is renowned for its music and songs. Through the app, you can watch the music videos and concerts directly and discover new singers completely free. Where you can access more than 75 thousand music videos and more than 21 singers. a.
19-Toolbox for Windows 8

Toolbox for Windows 8
Toolbox for Windows 8

The Toolbox for Windows 8 application allows you to work on 6 tools at the same time and on the same screen without problems from within 12 tools available for use including browser, calculator, Facebook, carpets, notes and many more. The application is useful and allows you to handle more than one tool at the same time and do more than one job at the same time. .
20-Viber app

Viber app
Viber app

The Viber application is one of the main applications of the phone in the first place to make calls between phones at no cost, and send messages and video messages through the Internet and anywhere in the world. Now FIBER is available as a program for Windows and also as an application for Windows 8. With this application you can talk to anyone who uses the Viper on the phone or computer anywhere in the world without any cost. .

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