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The best new 17 IOS 7 features are hidden

With hundreds of new ios 7 features on iPhone, iPad, iPod is a gold mine waiting to be discovered with all its features and possibilities. Today we will try to show some of the features of ios 7 that you may not know at the moment and some of them will surprise you.

The best features of  IOS 7

1-Use Safari to see twitter tweets with links
Need to quickly see all the tweets in your schedule with web links? Simply open Safari, press the Bookmarks button – the icon at the bottom is a book, then press the @ button at the top. Boomom tweets with links in one place. You must be logged in to Twitter account in Settings> Twitter to activate this feature.
2-Enable / disable the scene
Do not love the landscape of ios 7 effect on new backgrounds or 3D backgrounds as we call it? Are they afraid they consume the battery? Simply click on Settings> General> Accessibility> Minimize Motion. Stop or activate them as you wish.
3-Activating motion sensor controls
In ios 7, place your Siri or press the HOM button simply by tilting your head, or watch the center of the alerts by tilting your head to the left. Looks great? actually no. If you need Settings> General> Accessibility> Switch Control. Activate it now Switch to relays to perform different actions.
4-Enable / disable bulk text or change the font size throughout the device

 bulk text
enable /disable bulk text or change the font size throughout the device

Do not love the thin line in ios 7? Choose Settings> General> Accessibility> Bulk Text
5- See frequently visited places on the map
This feature allows you to look at the map of the places you have visited, maybe be suitable for some go to Settings> Privacy> System Services> Repeated Sites. I would suggest that this feature not be activated for obvious reasons.
6- Block callers and spam
This feature is really great, open your contacts Open any contact you do not want and block this caller, and click Block this caller. Now that he is communicating with you, he can not, if you want to block messages through Settings> Messaging> Blocked. This also applies to FaceTime and iMessages.
7-Show times in messages
Open any conversation in the messages, and drag from right to left on any proxy you will see the time periods of all messages sent and received.
8- Use Siri to enable / disable some settings

Use Siri to enable / disable some settings

Siri has become more than just telling you about weather and others, press the HOM button and continue to run Siri and say for example “Turn Wi-Fi on” will be activated Wi-Fi, the same talk to Bluetooth and other system options.
9- Use drag to return the screen
In ios 7 you can simply use the drag gestures to return to the screen, instead of pressing the spam back button, in the example messages if you are inside a subject, simply drag from the left corner to the right and you will be taken to the home page for messages. This method works around ios 7 such as mail, settings, contacts and others.
10- Capture square images using the camera
The ios 7 camera allows you to take square images, open the camera, and drag to the right to change the position in square ratios.
11- Update the application content in the background
In iOS 7 gives you the possibility to disable or enable an application that updates itself in the background, go to Settings> General> Refresh Applications in the background, where you activate or disable all applications that want to update themselves in the background.
Note: This feature will really impact negatively on the battery, thus identifying applications that are important for you to be updated.
12- Use panorama images in the screen lock and main screen wallpapers.
Use a panorama image as the background of a lock screen that you have photographed or downloaded from the Web, just go from Settings to Wallpaper and Brightness and then select a panorama folder and set it as wallpaper. You must have done the aspect ratio that we mentioned above.
13- Use Siri to view the latest updates of Facebook
Yes, using Siri can show you the latest updates from our site on Facebook, open Siri on the HOM button and say “What is Abo-bs saying”. Really wonderful? For me, my virtue.
14-Automatically update applications on / off

Automatically update applications
Automatically update applications on / off

One of the features of ios 7 updates your applications in the background, saving you time, store opening and manual updating, where you turn off automatic updates for applications through Settings> iTunes & App Store and then enable or disable the updates option.
15- Disable / Enable ad tracking
Do not want your device to track specific ads? Only settings> privacy> ads, disable ad tracking limit, and this feature also disable it saves the battery life longer.
The AirDrop feature allows you to share data images and video contacts wirelessly with other nearby iPhone users, to enable them by dragging down the screen to show the control center. Then you will be shown the iPhones or iPads that are nearby other, this does not require you to be connected to a single WiFi network.
17- Hide applications, folders, in ios 7

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