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The new MacBook Pro: specifications, features and price

Apple, the world’s largest technology company, announced  a new version of its MacBook Pro Mac Book Pro laptop during a special event held in San Francisco, California.

The new MacBook Pro:

Apple’s announcement of a new version of one of its favorite MacBook Pro devices marks the 21st anniversary of the launch of Apple’s first Mac, and Tim Cook said at the conference that the company pioneered the introduction of new technologies for Mac devices.
Apple said at the conference that the new MacBook Pro is the thinnest and lightest MacBook Pro, the new device will be available in three versions, two of the 13-inch screen, one with a traditional keyboard, the third with a 15-inch screen, and all versions will be available in black, And silver .



The new MacBook Pro carries a top bar called the Touch Bar

The new MacBook Pro carries a top bar called the Touch Bar, an OLED touch screen at the top of the keyboard buttons. The bar displays different options for the user depending on the application on which it works.
For example, the user will see options in the upper bar Touch Bar that allows him to control the intensity of the light or colors in the images when working on an image editing application. The user will also have special options when working on an application to edit videos. The top bar will display suggestions for words when typing similar Which will provide the keyboard in the smartphones, and the top bar will display options to add sites to the Favorites and search and return when using Safari, and there will be a dedicated button inside the upper bar for quick access to the voice plugin “Siri”.
For keyboard buttons that no longer exist because of the touch bar, the user can quickly access them by pressing the Fn button and will appear inside the top bar. The Touch Bar supports both the Pages, Keynote and Terminal applications, and a copy of each Adobe Photoshop and FinalCut also provide user options within the top bar.

MacBook Pro
The new MacBook Pro carries a top bar called the Touch Bar

feature of the new MacBook Pro

In addition to the touch bar, which is the most important feature of the new MacBook Pro, Apple has equipped the device with the second generation of fingerprint sensor Touch ID integrated into the power button, allows the fingerprint sensor for the user to secure the device as well as pay safely online and authenticate purchases through Apple Pay.

MacBook Pro
feature of the new MacBook Pro

specifications  The new MacBook

The new MacBook Pro comes with a 13.9-inch screen and a 1.36 kg weight, which is 17 percent thinner than the previous one. The new MacBook Pro comes with a 15.5-millimeter 15.5-millimeter screen and a 1.81-kilogram weight of less than 20% The new MacBook Pro comes with a 15-inch screen with a Trackpad that supports Force Touch, twice as much as the previous version.

Apple says the new MacBook Pro has a much brighter screen, 67 percent higher than the previous generation and now offers 25 percent more. The built-in speakers also offer 58 percent more powerful sound and twice the sound of the previous MacBook Pro.

 new MacBook
specifications The new MacBook


As for the new MacBook Pro version, the 15-inch version of the Intel Skylake Core i7 processor at 2.1MHz with the AMD Polaris graphics processor delivers a better 2.3-bit performance in graphics processing compared to the previous version. The new MacBook Pro with SSD storage up to 2TB at 50% faster than previous version.

version of the MacBook Pro

The new version of the MacBook Pro is available in a 13-inch screen with a dual Core i5 and i7 processor, as well as the Intel Iris graphics processor, which provides twice as fast as the previous version of the device in graphics processing.

For the ports, Apple has supplied both new MacBook Pro 13-inch and 15-inch four-port USB-C, and the 15-inch version supports the connection of two screens at 5K at the same time, but do not support the SD card reader.


Apple said both versions carry a battery that provides the user with 10 hours of work on the device before recharging again, and Apple re-designed the cooling system in the new MacBook Pro, Apple confirmed that the new device is made of environmentally friendly materials and recycled aluminum.

The MacBook Pro now has two Thunderbolt ports with a traditional keyboard with 13-inch function buttons priced at $ 1,500. The new MacBook Pro 13-inch screen and Touch Bar are available at a price starting from $ 1800 for the Intel Core i5 2.9 GHz The new 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar support starts at $ 2400 and shipping will begin within the next three weeks.

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