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Google Play update version 11 includes new Google notification changes


A new report says that the new Google Play Services update to version 11 includes those new Google Cast notification changes.
Since this is rolling out via the Google Play Services 11 update, the new notifications could take a few days to reach your phone.
Now, according to Android Police, the update to Google Play Services 11 shows a slightly different message, stating, “A device on your Wi-Fi is casting”.
By the way, you can stop those cast notifications on other devices on your network, but at the moment it has to be done manually on each device.
Hopefully, Google will find a way to remotely end these notifications, without having to go and disable them on each and every device, in a future update.

As it stated in

Google may be testing changes to shared network ongoing cast notifications

Play Services 11

It looks like there might be a few tweaks coming to the in-network notifications for Google Cast to make it more clear what the notification is.
The issue of casting notifications on guests’ devices has been a long-standing problem for Google Cast users, and a source of humor for everyone else.
For those who haven’t had the individual joy, all supported Android devices on a network receive an ongoing notification when a cast is taking place.
It’s more than debatable whether or not the extra explanation attached to an ongoing notification will have any effect in preventing accidental interactions by guests.
As a result, anyone on the network including guests can be capable of controlling the cast via that notification.

As it stated in
Google is testing changes

If you’d like to see if you can get these new notifications, you’ll need Google Play Services 11 or above.
People can still kill off your cast stream, and will still see the notifications unless they turn off their phone’s display of said things in the Google settings.
The notification now makes it a bit clearer (a) where something is casting to (b) what’s being cast and (c) changes the order of the controls a bit.
Of course, they might just like to play a joke on you and cancel it anyway … but you can’t always beat stupid.
There’s currently a beta version available on APK Mirror, but your mileage may vary; it didn’t work on our Galaxy S8, for example.

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