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use real data rather than theory to measure data universe

data Universe are older than previous estimates and we will speak about  data Universe and The standard ruler and its impact on the progress of measuring data Universe Research has been prepared in this field

data universe
data universe

Researchers use real data universe rather than theory to measure the universe

data universe
Researchers use real data universe rather than theory to measure the universe

For the first time, researchers measured large distances in the universe using real data, rather than calculations of general relativity theory.
A research team from Imperial College London and the University of Barcelona used data from astronomical surveys to measure the typical distance, which is fundamental to our understanding of cosmic expansion.

definition of  “model ruler” and it effect in true measure


model ruler to measure the data universe

The size of this “model ruler” was previously predicted only from theoretical models, which rely on general relativity theory to explain gravity in large scales. The new study is the first of its kind to measure this using observable data. The typical ruler is something of the same physical size, so when you compare its actual size with its size in the sky it will provide a measure of the distance between it and the earth.
“Our research suggests that the current methods of measuring the distance in the  data universe are more complex than they would need to be,” said Professor Alan Heavens of the Department of Physics at Imperial College London, who led the study. The public plays a central role in most models and interpretations, and we have shown that the current data is strong enough to measure the geometric shape of the data universe and the date of its expansion without relying on calculations of general relativity theory. ”
“We hope that this more data-driven approach, along with the increasing wealth of monitoring data, will be able to provide more accurate measurements that would be useful for future projects that plan to answer the big questions about the acceleration of the  data universe and dark energy.”
The typical ruler measured in this study is the acoustic barion vibration level, a special pattern that is printed in the material clusters resulting from small changes in density during the very early stages of the data universe (about 400,000 years after the Great Bang).
The length of this pattern, which is the same today as before, is the level of the sound barion vibration.
The team has completed a calculation of 143 Megaparsecs (approximately 480 million light-years) and these calculations are similar to the accepted estimates of theoretically calculated distance from models based on general relativity.

Research results were published in Physical Review Letters

data universe
data universe

Research results have been published in Physical Review Letters, which suggest that cosmic distances can be measured independently of models based on general relativity.

Einstein’s theory of general relativity replaces Newton’s law

Einstein’s theory of general relativity replaced Newton‘s law to become the accepted interpretation of gravity behavior in large scales. Many important astrophysics models are based on general relativity, including those that deal with universe expansion and black holes. But there are some issues about general relativity not solved.
This involves the loss of harmony with the laws of quantum physics and the need to be extrapolated at many levels in order to apply them to cosmic settings. No other physical laws have been extrapolated to this extent without the need for any modification and therefore their assumptions remain open to an open question.
“Doubts about general relativity have led us to develop methods for deriving more direct measurements of the data universe, rather than relying heavily on model inferences,” said study co-author Professor Raul Jimenez of the University of Barcelona: “We have made very few assumptions Theory, such as: symmetry in the universe, and the history of smooth expansion. ”

 Professor Licia Verde comments

“There is a big difference between measuring the distance and deducing its value indirectly,” said co-author Professor Licia Verde of the University of Barcelona. “Usually in cosmology we can only use the second option. This study is one of the rare and precious cases where we can measure the distance Most of the data in cosmology assume that general relativity works everywhere and it applies to very large scales, which means that we usually derive numbers from our secure perspective, so it is reassuring to discover that we can make strong and important data without relying on relativity theory And the public Which gives confidence that the observations produced by our observation of the universe, which seem strange and puzzling may be realistic and sound! “.

Brightness of Explosive Stars (Supernova)

The research used the current data from astronomical surveys on the brightness of supernovae and on the regular pattern of matter (baron sound oscillations) to measure the size of this model. The material that created this model rule was formed about 400,000 years after the Big Bang. This period of time was still relatively simple physics of the universe so researchers did not need to take into account the concepts of “strange” such as dark energy in their measurements.
“We used very clean measurements in this study,” says Professor Huffins. “The theory we apply came relatively soon after the Big Bang when physics was also clean,” he explains, “that means that the way we have a measurement is accurate because it is based on observations from the universe.” Astrophysics is an incredibly active and variable field, Even when models are abandoned, the measurements of the universe will remain, and if we can rely on direct measurements based on real observations rather than theoretical models, this would be good news for cosmology and astrophysics. “

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