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NASA Space Station On-Orbit start 3 April 2017

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Parts, entire experiments, and tools can be created on demand utilizing the AMF that is installed into an Express Rack locker location.

Crew members aboard the International Space Station will begin conducting research this week to improve the way we grow crystals on Earth.
Portable Emergency Provisions (PEPS) Inspection: The crew completed this regularly scheduled maintenance to inspect Portable Fire Extinguishers (PFEs), Portable Breathing Apparatus (PBAs) and Extension Hose Tee Kits (EHTKs).
Node 1 (N1) Starboard Aft Intermodule Ventilation (IMV) Fan Inlet Cleaning: The crew completed cleaning this location to remove Foreign Object Debris (FOD) from IMV fan inlets and silencers.
Programmable Isolation Mount (PIM): The crew installed the PIM into EXPRESS Rack 7 in the US Lab

NASA deep space plan off with a delay

deep space
NASA deep space plan off with a delay


That would start the NASA deep space plan off with a delay.
The space agency has been flirting with ditching the space station for more than last two years, he noted.
The plan is tentative until President Trump appoints a new head of NASA.
NASA / JSC / Via images.nasa.gov ID: 10830191NASA hopes to go to Mars in the next two decades, and will kill its share of the popular International Space Station in order to pay for the trip.
“If we are going to get to orbit Mars in the first half of this century, NASA has to stop paying for the space station,” Logsdon said.

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NASA detect How We’ll Get to Mars and searchDeep Space

 Deep Space
NASA detect How We’ll Get to Mars and search Deep Space

Boeing just announced its contribution—the Deep Space Gateway lunar station.
Boeing Deep Space Gateway.
Astronauts and later colonists will need to endure long journeys aboard a Deep Space Transport (DST) craft, also being developed by Boeing.
Deep Space Gateway will allow for more lunar missions as well, including robotic ones.
NASA’s press release called the station a place that “offers a true deep space environment,” for humans to get acclimated.



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