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robot 3 against Monkey King after taking on Suidobashi’s Kuratas

III robot against Monkey King after taking on Suidobashi’s Kuratas this August.

MegaBots is deciding whether or not Greatmetal can enter its giant fighting robot league, and might even pit its Mk.

You might not have long to wait to see it in action, either.
That could be good news in the long run — even if the first fight amounts to little more than a novelty, having more than two early participants could spur other teams and increase the frequency of these mechanoid melees.

Chinese firm unveils giant 'Monkey King' gladiator robot


JAPAN AND THE US ARE HAVING A GIANT ROBOT DUEL Enter Monkey King, from the Chinese firm Greatmetal.
What the world needs now is gladiator robots, so make room for Monkey King.
Monkey King will just have to wait.
“If we’re going to win this, I want to punch them to scrap and knock them down to do it.”Them’s fightin’ words.
As reported in Digital Trends, not a lot is known about it, but a promo video shows it isn’t monkeying around.


“In 2015, we tested Suidobashi Heavy Industries to a Giant Robot Duel between our current Mark II robot and their KURATAS robot,” Gui Cavalcanti, CEO and prime supporter of Megabots disclosed to Digital Trends. “They acknowledged the test, and raised the stakes to incorporate hand-to-hand battle. We tried the Mark II to check whether it would make due in battle. The robot would yet we, the pilots, wouldn’t.”

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