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Veterinary medicine and veterinarian importance and how to study

The veterinarian  is a specialist in the treatment and surgery of animals. Veterinary certification is a protected certificate, which allows the practice of animal medicine and surgery.

(Cattle, sheep, goats, apples) in the agricultural community and for economic research. Between 1945 and 1974, there was an increasing demand for veterinarians to treat farm animals in urban areas.


The role of the veterinarian is pivotal to human health:

human health
The role of the veterinarian is pivotal to human health

it allows them to control diseases that are directly or indirectly transmitted to humans, which can be very serious, such as rabies, brucellosis, tuberculosis, avian influenza, etc., Which enter the human lunch, and are the race and specialists in the control of animal foods (honey, milk, eggs, meat …)

In the United Kingdom, for example, as in other regions, animal treatment is permitted only for registered veterinarians (with a few exceptions for veterinarians), and it is illegal for any unregistered person to claim to be a veterinarian.

Most veterinarians in health facilities directly treat animals and are involved in general practices and treatment of animals of all kinds.

A veterinarian may specialize in a particular group of animals such as pampered domestic animals, livestock, zoo animals or horses, or may specialize in a narrow medical field such as surgery, dermatology or internal medicine.

As with human health care professionals, veterinarians face ethical decisions about caring for their patients. Current discussions within the framework of professional ethics include the purely cosmetic processes performed for animals such as removing cat claws, amputation of tails, rectifying the ears and softening barking of dogs
Veterinary medicine is the specialty which means animal biology and how to treat animals in the scientific and health accurate .. In Britain, there are only 7 colleges provide scientific training and academic in the field of veterinary medicine, and the proportion of employment in this area between 91 – 94% ..

Study specialty veterinary medicine you need

  • Love to collect and study science
  • Love to deal with animals
  •   Ability to correct diagnosis of various diseases
  • Continuous work and self-motivation
  • Outstanding communication skills

Curriculum and career path
The aim of the study is not to study the field of veterinary medicine to provide students with various information in this field, but also to rehabilitate them in a great way for the labor markets in the field, and work effectively in veterinary hospitals, veterinary medicine companies and all related fields.
As an international student who is not English-speaking, you must pass the IELTS exam at a minimum score of 6.5, so that you can begin the course. Most of the specialized colleges in this field require that the applicant obtain an academic degree In the previous academic stage in scientific fields ..
Selection criteria for the field of study
With a wide specialization such as veterinary medicine, you should set a clear academic track for your academic life and after graduation. It is best to consult specialists in this field before deciding to start studying.
There are a lot of universities and institutions that allow the specialization of veterinary medicine, which affects some students who want to specialize in this area puzzled, and the inability to choose the right .. Therefore, we give you here some tips that will show you the picture, and facilitate some things. .
Your view of specialization should be comprehensive when deciding on a course.

  • What are the study options available to you?
  • Is this area required in the labor market at this time?
  • Does the study combine scientific theory with practical application?

You should also check the tuition fees you will pay, and make sure that all scholarship details or available financial aid can be used in your studies. Remember that tuition fees at international universities are often expensive, so try to take advantage of the opportunities and advantages you offer. Universities in the form of scholarships or subsidies.
Also, the geographical location of the university is very necessary .. Try to determine the university in proportion to your academic, psychological and social needs throughout the study period, considering that the quality of accommodation, housing and costs directly affect your academic level ..

The entrance examination in the veterinary colleges

veterinary colleges
The entrance examination in the veterinary colleges

The entrance examination in the veterinary colleges is one of the most difficult exams. The necessary conditions must be completed before the candidates can achieve this goal. After completing the training period, the successful graduates will receive a doctorate in veterinary medicine. Persons wishing to pursue postgraduate studies in veterinary medicine should have a doctorate in North American veterinary medicine or equivalent for veterinary graduates in the UK or other Commonwealth countries.

A number of countries, in addition to the United States and Canada, have accredited institutions such as Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

  • United States: There are currently only 28 veterinary medicine schools that meet the accreditation criteria set by the American Veterinary Society’s Education Board. The duration of the study is at least 8 years. The candidate must have a public secondary school + 4 years of successful university study to obtain access to a medical study Veterinarians, sometimes some will have a master’s degree when they begin to form as a pilot. The specialties are three to five years.
  • Canada: There are currently 5 veterinary schools that meet the accreditation criteria set by the Education Council of the American Veterinary Society and the Canadian Veterinary Society
    A number of other countries also have accredited institutions such as Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

The periods of study to obtain the certificate of leave in veterinary medicine vary from one country to another. These examples show the difference:

  • France: lasts about 7 years After studying two preparatory years, the candidate passes an examination to join one of the four French veterinary schools.
  • Egypt: The duration of the study is 5 years, and the conditions of admission are to obtain the high school (scientific science) with a high total, which is considered one of the top faculties in Egypt
    Algeria: The duration of the study is 5 years, and the conditions for admission are to obtain a degree close to the good in the general secondary exam.
    Morocco: The study lasts for 6 years and for enrollment, it is necessary to have a baccalaureate of experimental or mathematical sciences and a minimum of 15 for the study of the Hassan II Institute of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

Instead of configuring a veterinarian holder of a doctorate you can configure a veterinarian technician. The veterinary technician receives a two-year or four-year training in a technical school. He is qualified to assist the veterinarian in many medical procedures, but in most countries he is not allowed to practice many procedures that are limited to the veterinarian, the most important of which is the diagnosis of diseases.

Admission to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is highly competitive, with the number of qualified applicants varying from year to year . This is mainly because the number of accredited veterinary colleges has remained the same since 1983, but the number of applicants has increased considerably, as a result only before 1 out of 3 applicants to the Veterinary College in 2005.

About 80% of accepted students are female. As early as the history of veterinary medicine in the USA most male veterinarians were. However, during the 1990s, the ratio was almost equal, but now it is the opposite.

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