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NASA does things that nobody else can do

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“It’s truly energizing,” Blaney said. “NASA does things that nobody else can do, and we get the chance to chip away at all of those.”

The Mars extend has a few noteworthy segments, and advancement of each is being helped appropriate here in West Virginia.

“There’s the new overwhelming lift dispatch vehicle,” Blaney said. “The rocket. The space dispatch framework. It’s this enormous rocket that will get you up and moving at a high rate of speed with the goal that you can get to Mars in a few years. At that point, there’s a module that they’re building called Orion, and that is the place the people live. We’re a few seconds ago coming to the heart of the matter that we’re sure that they can survive.

NASA’s Next Mars Orbiter or NeMO

NASA Mars probe
Canada to build radar instrument for NASA Mars probe


As it stated in The instrument, an ice-surface sub sounder, would be for NASA’s Next Mars Orbiter or NeMO.
Innovation Science and Economic Development Minister Navdeep Bains said the radar instrument will be developed for a future orbiter mission to Mars.
VICTORIA, British Columbia — The Canadian government will develop a radar instrument for NASA’s future Mars orbiter as well as 13 cubesats to be deployed from the International Space Station.
The Canadian Space Agency announced April 27 that it would award up to 13 grants to fund selected proposals from post-secondary institutions to build miniature satellites.
The projects, which also include a demonstration of the applications of quantum technology in space, will cost (CAN) $90 million ($65 million).


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