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Top 9 Future technology in the World

we will speak here about most important Future technology and how it effect in our life and if it useful or harmful for us
Technology experts predict that the next few years will witness a greater development in technology through the invention of new tools and inventions that increase the entertainment, safety and utilization of humans, especially the technology of atoms and molecules. In this article we will take a look On the most important innovations expected over the coming years

most important  Future technology in the World 

1-Zero-size Intelligence

Zero-size Intelligence

Sure, there is no one who likes to have a zero-size intelligence, but it’s different when we come to technology and computerization. That means collecting a large number of minds in a small group. Computer companies are always encouraged to develop and update technology. The size of the computer is very small and even tiny, through transistors powered by invisible atomic.

2 – Moon and Mars and more

Moon and Mars
Moon and Mars and more

Where the United States plans the strongest missile in history and operating space (SLS) by 2017, NASA plans to send four astronauts on a space flight by 2021 to the moon and to other planets.

With the global economic recession of this century, there is a discovery to enable people to travel and explore space. Although space travel is no longer science fiction, it is only the wealthy who can afford it, but perhaps in the years to come, To space.

3 – Reading the mind

 Reading the mind
Reading the mind

Scientists and neuroscientists are developing machines that can read the mind by analyzing electric waves and translating them into textual ideas. Researchers at the University of California, Developing these machines is a very exciting thing to find who can get to the bottom of your thinking. It could be a great business, offering consumers’ ideas and tastes, and providing services and products that are commensurate with the nature of their thinking.

4. Data

Data of technology
Data of technology

Even if future technology is not able to know our ideas through brainstorming machines, our data can get unprecedented amounts of images and data on the Internet, the media, government regulators and work to reach the most important desires of users and consumers for different services. Are available to people as social networks will make the way to advertise services and how to provide them also commensurate with the tastes, aspirations and wishes of the masses.

5. Quantitative control

Quantitative control
Quantitative control

Quantum control technology is one of the most important types of modern technology on which many computers, computers and technologies are based. We have previously referred to nanotechnology, as this technology is the basis for the production of new integrated devices with large content and atomic volume.

6- Nanotechnology


Nanotechnology is one of the billionth of a meter, and nanotechnology is one of the most important types of technology for the nanoparticles of the characteristics and specifications and advantages and applications of many enter in all fields, whether scientific or medical or industrial or other all different fields, and nanotechnology is the technology of the future undisputed, Nanoparticles are very important as they deal with the disease at the cellular level because the nanoparticle is smaller than the size of the cell and thus able to enter and treat it. Thus, nanotechnology is considered one of the most important drugs Modern medicine of high quality, extreme efficiency and expected to be able to treat various types of difficult diseases in the future

7. Networks of darkness

Despite the fact that electronic communication through networks and websites made the world such as the small village, but this amazing development must find hostile forces and attack, where increased networks of darkness and electronic piracy, which penetrate the sites and data exchange and carried out multiple monumental operations caused a lot of damage to many of The Web is expected to become a help tool for insecurity and increased risk when dealing with the Internet.

8. Translation

It was languages an old obstacle to communication between different peoples, but to learn different languages and the emergence of translators for languages has become a communication easier, and what we would like to refer to it now is the technological development that makes the speaker device that translates his words to the person who Ahadth the language and on the other hand uses the other language speaking and then presses the button device to translate the language into the language of his interlocutor, this technology also did not ignore them online sites where they spread a lot of sites that offer instant texts and vocabulary translation service, although they are not sufficiently accurate but there is a tendency to develop Ot O means of translation

9. Alternatives and robots Technology

Alternatives Technology
Alternatives and robots Technology

This prediction may be strange and unheard of, but there are studies and research that are going to create electronic alternatives for people as robots, through which each person can interact with the world around him by controlling and making them do a lot of work. This may be very important and useful to people who Suffering from paralysis and inability to move.
Sure, there are some acceptable expectations and others are acceptable But before you doubt the ability of technology to achieve exciting innovations Remember that in your hands is now a device that makes you damage the whole world and you are in your place and you think it is impossible to damage the whole world You are in your room

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