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Internet freakout make by iPhone calculator + hidden backspace feature


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Reviewed.com – Jeremy Stamasiphone calculator (Photo: USATODAY)What if I told you the iPhone’s calculator app let you backspace through numbers?
That would date the calculator swipe back to at least iOS 4, which launched in June 2010.
It started with a tweet on May 2, when a user under the handle @censoredialogue pointed out iPhone owners can backspace through numbers by swiping on the display.
Judging from the reaction to the tweet, which has nearly 34,000 likes, it seems there were still a lot of iPhone owners who never knew this feature existed.

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The iPhone calculator app has a backspace function

 iPhone calculator
there’s a backspace function on the iPhone calculator


That tip — courtesy of Twitter user @censoreddialogue — goes as follows: The iPhone calculator app has a backspace function.
SEE ALSO: Don’t hold your breath for a new iPhone 8 this yearPSA: you can backspace on the iPhone calculator pic.twitter.com/sBJMlANDNJ — CENSORED dialogue (@censoredialogue) May 3, 2017Now maybe you, smug reader, already knew this.
A quick Google search pulls up a Lifehacker post about the function — based off a Quora post — from 2014.
Friends, there are times when you stumble upon a tip so good that you must immediately share it with all in your vicinity.
Rather than restarting a calculation after pressing a wrong number, swiping over an unwanted digit removes it

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