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Facebook latest move to rid the social network of sensationalist

facebook This News Feed tweak extends to both ads users may see on the platform and posts and links dropped in manually from pages and users.
Facebook today announced its latest move to rid the social network of sensationalist, misleading, and spammy  junk.
“We have had a policy in place since last year to prevent advertisers with low-quality webpage experiences from advertising on our platform,” writes Facebook researchers Jiun-Ren Lin and Shengbo Guo.
This way people can see fewer misleading posts and more informative posts,” the researchers explain.
The company has since taken measures to try and improve the social network as a source of public good and positive change, and to minimize its widespread and harmful side effects.

Facebook News Feed Change plans at  ‘Low Quality’ Sites

Facebook News

referring to The algorithm update means the news feed will contain fewer of these kinds of posts, Facebook said.
The social network said the tweaks to the algorithm are part of its ongoing efforts to fight misinformation and misleading advertising.
In a recent essay, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talked about how he wants the social network to help in the creation of what he called “informed communities.”
Part of what’s required to do that, Zuckerberg said, is ensuring that the information users get on the social network is accurate.
Facebook said on Wednesday that it is rolling out an update to its news feed algorithm that is designed to reduce the visibility of sites offering what it calls a “low quality” experience.

referring to

Facebook intends to enforce it as it focuses on organic News Feed posts

Facebook  News

Facebook intends to enforce it as it focuses on organic News Feed posts.
When identified, these posts should show up farther down your feed and they won’t be eligible to become a Facebook ad.
If you’re publishing high-quality posts from your own Facebook Pages, you may see a small increase in traffic as users see more of your stuff than spammy links to low-quality websites.
There is already a policy in place to prevent these kinds of scammers from advertising on the social network.
The team uses artificial intelligence trained on “hundreds of thousands” of websites with this kind of ad-farm content to discover posts that link to them.

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