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Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s new database service running

Put simply, Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s new database service running on the Azure platform.

According to the Microsoft Cosmos DB website, the current rate for SSD storage is $0.25 GB/Month and the rate for Reserved RUs/second is $0.008/hour.
Cosmos DB is a multi-model, globally distributed database service that leverages the Azure intelligent cloud, which according to Microsoft, makes it both more powerful and more flexible than other database services.
For Build 2017, Microsoft may have revealed one of its most far-reaching products ever—Azure Cosmos DB.
SEE: Microsoft Azure: The smart person’s guide Azure Cosmos DBThe demonstration of Azure Cosmos DB shown during the keynote address on Day 1 of Build 2017 revealed some powerful features of this new database as a cloud service product.

Everything Microsoft declared at Build 2017

Microsoft Build 2017

From Windows 10 to Cortana and bots, here’s a quick recap of everything announced at Build 2017.
Related to this, Microsoft announced it was releasing four new customizable artificial intelligence services via Cognitive Services, allowing developers to build even more AI into their own products.
Bots, Cortana, & AIA little more than a year after launching its Bot Framework, Microsoft revealed that it’s now used by over 130,000 developers.
Other notable announcements to emerge from Build include: developers can now publish Microsoft Teams apps to the Office Store, while Microsoft unveiled its first Windows Mixed Reality motion controllers, alongside a mixed reality developer kit.
Elsewhere, Microsoft also announced that its cloud storage service, OneDrive, would soon work with Apple’s iMessage, letting users share documents and photos with friends without leaving their iMessage chat.




Microsoft revealed its plans for world domination at Build

Microsoft domination at Build

as informed in Click here to catch up on the latest news from Microsoft Build 2017.
Microsoft’s desire to play nice with other operating systems is no secret, but the announcements at Build 2017 point toward more-ambitious plans.
To make this multidevice universe work, developers will need a convenient platform to code on, and Build 2017 also provided exciting news about that.
Although the first day served up more news for developers than consumers, Microsoft offered a taste of which services could be coming soon.
But the meat of the event’s announcements came on the second day, when Microsoft showed off new features coming to Windows 10 in its Fall Creators Update.


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