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Problems with the LG G4 phone and ways to fix them

We are going to talk about the most important problems that will face LG G4 phone  and how to treat them and fix them

The reason why the LG G4 was distinguished from other LG phones is due to the maintenance of the most important elements that existed in the flagship G Flex 2 and the flagship G3 as the curved display screen, in addition to its support for some features not found in most leading phones such as rechargeable battery For removable and internal memory capacity that can be increased by external memory.



But all these features did not make this phone distinctive flawless and therefore we decided to dedicate this article to mention some of them and propose solutions to fix them.


Some problems LG G4 phone and find solutions

 LG G4 phone
LG G4 phone


Disclaimer: Not all LG G4 phones suffer from these problems, in fact there is a high probability that your phone will not be exposed to any of the problems listed below.

1. Problem in the screen


The problems with the LG G4 screen are very prevalent, the most important of which is the delay in their response when clicked. Some users have also stated that they have difficulty accessing the drop-down menu and notifications as well as the virtual keyboard.

Possible solutions

For the default keyboard, the key is to wait for updates to address the problem. If your phone does not receive the necessary updates, all you need to do is download the Thalt keyboard from the Google Play store.
As for the non-responsive screen and the inability to access notifications the only solution lies in getting a new device.
For people who use applications or tools to protect the screen, all they have to do is permanently remove these applications to resolve the problem of delayed response.

2- Problem in performance

Although most LG G4 users are happy to do it, others said it took a few seconds to get started, especially when double-clicking or a code to open the screen. They also said they had trouble switching applications

For the screen delay when you use double-click or a code to open it, the solution is to download the Greenify app from the Google Store to see which apps are active when you open the screen. You can then go to the settings of these applications and change them to solve this slowdown problem.
With regard to the problem of switching between applications, the solution is either to delete some applications that you noticed that are causing the problem or to resort to resetting the factory and start over.

3 – Problem in shipping

Some LG G4 users found that charging the latter was much slower than expected as others said they had trouble getting a proper charger to take advantage of the fast charging feature

The reason why you think charging the LG G4 is slower than expected is to hook up the phone with a non-charger that LG has announced and is Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0.
The use of the phone during charging may cause this slow problem so it is recommended not to use the device until it is fully charged

4 – high temperature of the device

Possible solutions

Use the power saving mode when you notice that the temperature of the device has started to rise and this will solve the problem
If you use a back cover, it is best to remove it when doing any work that needs intensive processing such as games.
You should leave the phone to cool down a little bit before heating it up

5. Problem with communication

As with any new device, there is a great chance of having problems with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and the LG G4 phone is no exception.

Possible solutions

Wi-Fi is not available

  • Close the phone and the router for at least 10 seconds and then turn them back on
  • Go to Settings – Power Saver, and turn on this option.
  • Use the Wi-Fi Analyzer application to check your connection, and if you find it weak go to a better option.
  • Delete the details of the Wi-Fi connection and re-type it

Bluetooth problems

  • Check the device manufacturer’s manual and reconnect.
  • Make sure you do not overlook any vital part of the communication process.
  • Go to Settings and then to Bluetooth and make sure there is no change
  • Go to Settings and then to Bluetooth and delete all previous pairings

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