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steps to how to make your robot at home

Robot Android  1s a machine capable of thinking and making a decision, or a smart machine. Not all machines are robots, but all robots are machines; ordinary machines such as washing machines, refrigerators, and televisions are not robots in their natural form, but, for example, the tracking engine that can make a decision as to how to walk, when to hide and when to show, Without a doubt, we call it a robot.

Robotics has been limited to scientists, specialists and major universities until recently. But it is now available to all amateur and novice learners and others, especially after the spread of the Internet; when the information became available to all on the sites of this different network, and became necessary materials for the manufacture of Android, both  hardware, or  software, available for a simple fee or even free of charge in sometimes.

In this topic, we will address the process of making a simple robot at home;

  • what should you know to make a robot in your home?
  • What are the steps of his work?

what should you know to make a robot in your home?

make a robot
what should you know to make a robot in your home

There are several sciences you should have a good idea of before you make a robot, and you do not have to study them fully and know all the details, but a certain degree of knowledge of each science is required.


The robot works by electrical signals, this is the language of communication with it, it understands it as a certain voltage or current. One of the most important parts in making a robot is how to electrically connect it with the source, with the controller, and how to get its different parts electrically together. What you need to know in this science are simple circuit circuits, control circuits (such as a transistor), circuit components and their properties, and how to calculate the voltages, current and wattage of a circuit.


What distinguishes robot and machinery in general from abstract circuitry is that it necessarily contains moving mechanical parts, so those who want to understand and make the robot have to take a general idea of mechanics, and a special idea about: the mechanism of working gears (gears) Center of mass, and various basic calculations such as Newton’s laws, torque calculation, and others. It is also necessary to study any mechanism for the robot to be manufactured in particular; for example, you need to know some of the specialized titles for the manufacture of Arm Armor robot.


As we mentioned earlier, what distinguishes the robot is its ability to make decisions, and to do so must have a microcontroller programmed to do this task, to make the robot at home, you often need a microcontroller simple, the most famous these days: Arduino versions And Pic, Raspberry-pi.


Do not be afraid! A lot of amateurs and beginners in this area encouraged the development of programming programs are very simple, and you need to learn a few lines of code, or even “install” commands using a nice user interface, by drag and drop. Each controller has different programs than other controllers, so after selecting the controller you want to use, look for the programs you use.

The steps to make a robot

 make a robot
The steps to make a robot

Now that you have learned the necessary science

here are the main steps to the robot industry:

1-study the circuits

and choose the appropriate ones: Based on the goal of your robot, and this step to choose the exact control appropriate, and you can search for it in books, but I advise This is a very interesting topic in the Internet. It is full of different departments and options. There are many experienced people around the world who are ready to answer your questions.


It is intended to use programs on the computer or mobile to build circuits, and then run the program to give you the expected results if you installed this circuit using real pieces. This allows you to test the circuits before you buy the pieces. This saves you from destroying a large number of pieces before you determine the circuit. You can determine the correct and final installation of the circuit, and therefore select the pieces you want accurately without having to install several circuits before. One of the most popular and easy-to-use simulations is NI Multi-sim.

3-Buy the pieces:

After you have selected the pieces you want, it’s time to buy them! There are a lot of products that do the same job, look for the best so you do not have to buy more than one piece, and compare prices between different suppliers of electronic parts in your country, this saves you especially when buying a large quantity of pieces once.


Install the circuit and connect it to the controller in the correct way, and be sure to read DataSheet for each piece you use; it helps to know the correct installation of it, and also installed any mechanical parts you have chosen for your robot.


This may be the last step if you have taken the previous steps correctly, and the program you write must be compatible with the circuit you installed.


To do everything right from the first time is more imaginative! When the robot does not work, the defect is likely to be within one of the following possibilities

  • One of the pieces is damaged, whether at the time of purchase or if it is damaged during installation (current and voltages greater than the limits specified in the DataSheet).
  • There is a faulty connection, either a faulty connection or a wire failure, or two wires connected to each other that are supposed to be separate.
  • Use a multimeter to test the circuitry for wire. In a bug, your circuits may be free of errors, but the program has a logical error, or is not downloaded from the computer to the controller in the correct image.

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