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the top 8 important applications Android

The search for the best applications on the Google Play store for your Android phone may be stressful and difficult to have many applications. Instead of spending more time finding the right applications, we decided to offer the top 10 Android 2016 applications you should download and try on your phone and take advantage of its features. To learn about it in general the group contains almost applications from all disciplines, such as applications fitness and sports of the objects also the best application in the applications of antivirus in general and the most famous ever to protect your computer from any dangers  followed by the best Internet browsers and The best application of radio broadcast for radio You can try it and the best application keyboard keyboard and most famous on the store Google Play and also the best application from the applications of audio files, music and songs on your Android and the best applications of the camera and also applications Edit and modify images and the best applications to identify Sites and maps leading and giant We also forget to provide you the application download video that is not in the store Google Play you can try now and enjoy the services provided in general

Follow the top 8 important applications Android

1- Best Security :  Mobile Security & Antivirus

Security & Antivirus
Mobile Security & Antivirus

The issue of security and protection on Android phones has become a serious issue and controversial as everyone is in search of applications that can protect against all malicious software and therefore the application Mobile Security & Antivirus is the best so far for the fight against viruses and eliminate all threats to your Android phone, Mobile Security & Antivirus can protect your phone with anti-theft features by tracking your phone’s location and knowing where the thief is and if you’re looking for the best application to protect your phone, Mobile Security & Antivirus is the best yet.




2-Best Browsers: Google Chrome

 Google Chrome
Best Browsers: Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the best application for Android, so you’ll find it installed on most phones and the best version of Chrome browser is the version of Chrome Beta where Google developed and improved to get users a better experience, so if you want to browse the Internet and access your favorite sites Chrome Beta Chrome is the most appropriate So you can download it, try it and take advantage of its great features.




3-Best keyboard and writing applications: Fleksy


Best keyboard and writing applications: Fleksy

There are many applications for the keyboard and each application tries to offer a different feature. However, Fleksy is one of the best applications that can help you write and chat. It allows you to add emoticons and can predict words and make suggestions. The application can delete words that you do not want by clicking the back arrow Instead of a long click on the Delete button, next to this user can add animations without a problem, make shortcuts, and many features you’ll know after your app experience



4-Best Camera Applications: Camera360

Best Camera Applications: Camera360

There are many different applications for the camera, but the best is the Camera360 application, which offers a number of great features such as having more than 200 filters to add what you want for your photos and NFC, which allows sharing photos with others and a set of tools to help you edit, The application is free and allows you to get professional results on images professionally.




5-Best Positioning Applications: HERE Maps: Offline Navigation

Offline Navigation
HERE Maps: Offline Navigation

You may find a lot of GPS applications and places to place, but one of the best applications that specializes in navigation is the application of HERE Maps: Offline Navigation, which relies mainly on satellites in the search and positioning and can help you to search by some direction and guide you to reach your destination as allows The application allows you to use maps while you are offline without having to waste the megabytes in your phone’s package.




6-Best Fitness Applications: 7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout
Best Fitness Applications: 7 Minute Workout

If you are thinking about weight gain or simply improve your energy levels and maintain a healthy body, you can experience the best 7 Minute Workout application. The application focuses on high-strength short tasks and activities that will help you improve cardiovascular function, For those who do not have the opportunity to go to the gym, unlike other applications, the 7 Minute Workout does not need to know your weight or height, it offers exercises that will benefit you and make your life healthy and ideal




7-Best Broadcast & Radio Applications: Podcast & Radio Addict

Podcast & Radio Addict
Best Broadcast & Radio Applications: Podcast & Radio Addict

If you are a fan of the radio and looking for a great application to listen to radio stations, Podcast & Radio Addict provides you with this service for free. It allows you to search for stations, download your favorite music and songs and create a list of your favorite songs. Is a “trending” property that enables you to see the most popular stations and stations in the world.




8-Best apps that are not found in Google Store: Videoder


The best software to download the video YouTube free on Android latest release and great possibilities sometimes you may have to search elsewhere to find great applications and one of the applications that you will not find on the store Google Play is a Videoder application that helps you to download your favorite video files with ease from On the famous video site YouTube and store on your Android phone any quality you want including HD quality, and anything that will be downloaded will be automatically saved in the video section of the exhibition



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