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All we know about “iPhone 8” so far

“iPhone 8”, if the new Apple phone has that name, it will be, according to leaks, press reports and opinions of technology experts, a shift in the company’s phones.

Apple began production of its famous iPhone  almost a decade ago, and the company is keen to introduce a new generation every year, and 2017 is no exception.

But this year’s Apple phone will bring a revolution from earlier versions of iPhone, as the company seeks to dazzle its fans on its 10th birthday.

 The name of the new phone is “iPhone 8”

 "iPhone 8"
“iPhone 8”

Apple has taken a familiar approach to naming its phones since the launch of the first iPhone 3G in 2008, and then began to insert the letter “S” on the newer versions, so it makes sense to carry the next phone called “iPhone 7s.”

But the new phone is likely to be “iPhone 8”. Last year’s iPhone 7 was less revolutionary than its predecessors, especially in terms of format, so if Apple plans to introduce a new phone,Will not be called “7S” on it

When to issue?

Apple used to release its new phones in September every year, often on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, usually coinciding with the end of the IFA conference in Germany, one of the biggest technology events to be held this year. September 1.

It is therefore believed that Apple will announce its new phone on September 5 or 6 of this year, to be put on the market a week or two later.

What would it look like?

Speculation about the “new iPhone” has not subsided even months before it was released, and rumors are spreading almost in the wake of the release of the iPhone 7, and although Apple is currently testing a number of designs, some features of the new phone is almost certain.

Over the past three years, Apple has launched phones with two screens, 4.7 and 5.5 inches, but speculation on the next phone screen suggests it will be bigger.

The screen will be OLED technology other than the LCD that the current phones offer, and the technology improves visibility and illumination, and is already used in other devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S7.

But the most striking feature of the new handset is the “edge-to-edge” screen with smooth edges, fulfilling the dream of Apple’s design director, Johnny Yves, and the phone is likely to support a glass background as well, making it look like a piece of glass.

Measure the new phone screen

iphone screen 8
Measure the new phone screen

Speculation is that the new phone screen will be 5 and 5.8 inches in length, and the screen will fill the front face of the entire phone.

This necessitates substantial changes in the shape of the phone, including the abandonment of the traditional button maintained by Apple since the release of its first phone, and the front camera being integrated into the screen.

With the increased reliance on touch on iPhones, getting rid of the front button of the next version does not seem to be a big problem.

What will be a pleasure for iPhone fans, is that the phone may be expected to be shipped wirelessly, which eliminates the problem of frequent damage to the devices suffered by users since the phone “iPhone 5”.

the performance of iphone 8

As well as these changes, the next iPhone will carry a powerful Pro Source processor and a higher-quality camera with a new version of the OS 11 operating system.

More details about the new phone are expected to be unveiled at the Apple Developers Conference in June.

Frightful news for fans of the iphone 8

fans of the iphone 8
fans of the iphone 8

Smartphone enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the new version of Apple’s phone a few months later, but those who want to buy the iPhone 8 will face a “disturbing” surprise that will certainly not please them.
If you’re planning to buy the latest iPhone, you may have to start saving a portion of your income, or even applying for an increase in salary.

The price of the new iPhone 8

expected to exceed $ 1,000, according to Fast Company.

Apple is expected to release three copies of the iPhone, one of which will introduce a new OLED screen, which is more visible and will be the most expensive of the three.

The iPhone 7 starts at $ 650.

There are several indications that Apple will start producing the phone in June, but that does not mean that the US giant will launch its new phone in the market early than its usual September deadline.

The new phone is expected to see the disappearance of the “home button”, a change that is the first of its kind with iPhone phones launched 10 years ago.

It is reported that the company plans to add a “key” button inside the screen, under its plan to expand the size of the new phone screen, adding that Apple intends to use OLED screens, which show better colors and consume less amount of battery charge.

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