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first new rocket test flight Nasa won’t put astronauts

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Going without crew in that first new rocket test flight has been NASA’s plan all along.
(Steven Seipel/NASA)The first flight of NASA’s expensive new deep-space rocket is going to be delayed again, and it won’t have any astronauts aboard, the agency announced Friday.
[NASA considers adding two astronauts to rocket test flight]Phil Larson, the space policy adviser in the Obama White House, said of this new delay in the rocket schedule, “This is something that I think a lot of people saw coming.
[Trump, via NASA, has a new rocket.
That means it is unlikely NASA will launch astronauts on the SLS before 2022.

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NASA won’t put astronauts on the first flight of its very delayed new rocket

When it’s finished, NASA’s Space Launch System will be the most powerful rocket the world has ever seen.
Then, in February, the space agency started looking into the possibility of putting astronauts on the SLS’s first flight.
Astronauts will not fly on the first launch of NASA’s upcoming megarocket, the space agency announced on Friday.
Up until a few months ago, NASA planned on the Space Launch System taking off with an empty crew capsule for its maiden launch, with crewed missions to follow a few years later.
Now, a feasibility study has convinced NASA that although the change-up is technically possible, it’s not worth it.



new rocket test
new rocket test flight


NASA will not be adding astronauts to the first launch aboard its Space Launch System rocket and Orion space capsule despite President Donald Trump’s request that they do so “during my first term or, at worst, during my second term.”
The second mission, with astronauts aboard, is currently scheduled for August 2021.
With this legislation, we support @NASA’s scientists, engineers, and astronauts in their pursuit of discovery!
“Orion’s first flight atop the SLS will not have humans aboard, but it paves the way for future missions with astronauts,” the U.S. space agency reports.
The mission will feature “the most powerful rocket in the world and fly farther than any spacecraft built for humans has ever flown.”


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