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How to Install Wizards on an IOS 7 iPad Using WHATSPAD

Here we will  learn how to install an IOS 7 iPad Using WHATSPAD and how to Install the Whatsapp on the computer

Whatsapp is still the most popular messaging application, for good reason. WhatsApp is a great application with seamless integration of iOS, Android, BlackBerry, etc. The only thing missing is its support for iPads, there is a way to get WhatsApp and install the app entirely on iPads and also the iPod with and without the Gilberk and also run it on the computer to recognize it With the WhatsPad tool on the Cydia you remove the restriction “artificial” which does not allow the use of Watsp on the iPad, and can be run on all iPads, either on Wi – Fi or via 3G connection and this tool does not have settings Lashi only installed on the iPad 2 and 3 and 4 and iPad Mini. How to download the Whatspp on iPad via the WhatsPad tool

IPad without Gibberick. WhatsPad

Normally, the Whatsapp is not compatible with iPads and iPods. Users need to follow some difficult steps to install the WhatsApp on their device especially on the iPad without the Gilberc. WhatsPad allows to install Watsp easily without any settings or complications.

If you get a line like “Sorry, your current device is not supported.” Then think about WhatsPad to get the latest chat apps on your iPad. What the tool does exactly is to force the plug-in to install on the iPad.

Yes, all users who want to download and install WhatsPad should work on Gilberick on their computer, because WhatsPad is a tool in Cydia, so it requires the Gilberick. The Evad3rs team released the latest generation ios 7, which enables you to work with Gelebrek on iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch. To download Gilberk Evasi0n7 with the explanation click here.

A new update was released for WhatsPad 0.0.2 compatible with ios 7 and also allows you to download the latest version of the watspip in the new format.

How to install the Whatsapp on the iPad:

Step 1: Enter the Cydia and search for “WhatsPad” and install it on the iPad, the tool is free and verify version 0.0.2

install ios
Enter the Cydia and search for “WhatsPad”

Step 2: After installing the tool the user does not need to configure anything, just download it and then try to install the application.

Step 3: To download the application, we will use 25pp, enter the Cydia and add this Sorcerer:


Step 4: After adding the torrent, enter it and download 2 of the tools as shown in the image, their name is Chinese.

enter the torrent
enter the torrent

Step 5: Enter the PP application you will find on the Home screen, click on the Search icon below and type WhatsApp

Enter the PP application
Enter the PP application

Steps to Install the Whatsapp on the computer:

1. We need to install the platform Android Bluestacks

2. After downloading the application from the site only open and work on the next until it starts installation on your computer. 3. After the end of the installation and work Rayih appear before you the interface of the application with many applications can be afforded Watsp and Faber and a lot of applications and games

4. Because we want the Watsp Bchufh on the right Click on it and do anastel and Rayh start installation Step

5: On the left, click My Apps, and you’ll get all the apps on your drive, including Netscape.

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